64 Channel Programmable DSP Engine

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64 Channel Programmable DSP Engine
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Control Integration with the PM5D Digital Mixing Console

Selected DME64N and DME24N parameters can be directly controlled from the PM5D Digital Mixing Console for seamless, efficient operation. This capability is particularly useful in situations where the DME unit is located away from the optimum listening position, allowing parameters to be adjusted without having to leave the main console position.


CobraNet™ Connectivity with Optional MY16-CII Card

Use the DME64N or DME24N in an advanced CobraNet" digital audio network by simply plugging an MY16-CII CobraNet™ card into an expansion slot. This makes the DME unit compatible with other CobraNet™ compliant products such as the NHB32-C network hub and bridge, and the ACU16-C amplifier control unit. The DME64N can supports up to two MY16-CII cards. The DME24N can accommodate a single MY16-CII card.


Ethernet Control

A network of up to 16 DME64N, DME24N and ICP1 Intelligent Control Panel units can be interconnected via their RJ45 connectors and 100Base-T CAT5 type Ethernet cables. Ethernet connection makes it possible to set up a control network quickly and easily, and with minimum cost.


GPI, RS232C/RS422, USB, and MIDI Interfaces

Both the DME64N and DME24N offer a comprehensive selection of control interfaces for use with a wide variety of equipment. The DME64N has 16 GPI input and output terminals while the DME24N has eight to facilitate interfacing with other GPI-equipped devices. RS232C/RS422 ports allow direct connection to remote control units and computers, USB ports allow direct hookup with most modern computers, and MIDI terminals can be used for synchronization and control with musical instruments, sequencers, and lighting controllers.


Large LCD Display with Comprehensive Panel Controls

Large, easy-to-read LCD display panels and a comprehensive selection of panel controls make the DME64N and DME24N easy to operate. The front panel even includes a headphone jack and level control for convenient monitoring. The DME24N additionally provides signal and peak LEDs for its eight analog inputs and outputs.


Scene and Function Names in 5 Languages

The DME64N and DME24N, as well as the ICP1 Intelligent Control Panel, can display scene and function names in 5 languages: English, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish. All three models offer a user-friendly interface for smooth operation regardless of the user's level of skill or experience.

Capable of 64 channels of I/O 48kHz/32 channels 96kHz

Matrix Mixers, EQs, Routers, Crossovers, Delay, Surround Sound, Multi-Effects, etc.

4 MY-card slots

Can cascade up to 8 units or to PM5D

Includes DME Designer software

TCP/IP Control

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