Acousticsamples Urban Drums

Tight Drum Set Urban Drums is a drum kit mixed from various elements, mixed with synthesized drums samples. VST AAX MAC/PC
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Urban Drums is a drum kit mixed from various elements, mixed with synthesized drums samples


20ʼ Yamaha Bass Drum

13ʼ Tama metalwork piccolo Snare

12ʼ Hi Tom

16ʼ Floor Tom

14ʼ Zildjian medium crash

14ʼ Zildjian crash

13ʼ Paiste Hihat

20ʼ Zildjian jazz Ride


Default interface

This is the default interface of the plugin.

Each element was recorded with 3 microphones positions and we added some synth samples, you can adjust the pan, volume or mute of each one independantly.

You can also click on the elements on the interface while adjusting the microphones.

You also have access to a set of presets.


In this panel, you can change most of the aspects of the library to make it sound just like you want.

You can adjust:

The Mapping Presets: we made some presets of the most popular drums formats (GM, V-DRUMS, IMAP, NSKIT) or you can create yours.

The Midi Learn: you can remap any element to any key quickly by pressing the current key of the element you want to move, clicking on Midi Learn and the pressing the target key.

The Hihat controller: we implemented an advanced hihat behavior, by default on C#2, the sample triggered will depend on the value of the controller, just like on a real Hihat.

Overheads: here you can choose wether the overhead microphone position is mono or stereo.

The Sensitivity will set the minimum volume for velocity 1 and give you access to all the dynamics that you want.

The Reverb. We use a convolution reverb and you can adjust the amount of reverb applied to the whole drumset.

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