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Fully featured, fully transparent low/full speed USB, high quality video, digital stereo audio and RS232 extender over CATx cable.
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The ADDERLink® X50 KVM extender delivers sharp, bright, highresolution video to single user consoles up to 50m / 150ft away


ADDERLink® X50 is compact in size and delivers uncompressed,lossless extension of USB peripherals including Keyboards, Video and Mice (KVM)up to 50m (150ft) over a single CAT5 or higher UTP cable. Sharp, bright andultra high-resolution video plus digital stereo audio are delivered over a VGAinterface to a single screen with total USB 2.0 compatibility, regardless ofthe computer being controlled or the peripheral being extended.


Product Features

Fully transparent Low/Full speed USB: delivers the highestpossible levels of USB compatibility through a unique USB communication method.Integrated 4 port hub to support all USB 1.1 and 2.0 Low/Full speed devices.


High-performance video: industry leading video quality athigh resolutions of 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz over 50m (150ft)


Video compensation: broad range of ultra smooth, fineadjustments to video picture


True DDC Emulation: full supports 2-page Display DataChannel (DDC) ensuring all possible resolutions are supported


Fully platform independent: support for all common hardwareplatforms, and their associated peripherals, through fully transparent USBconnections

  • Video Resolution
    • 1920 x 1200 x 60Hz at distances up to 50m / 150 ft.
  • Extension Distance
    • Up to 50m / 150 ft. using CATx cable (x=5,5e,6)
    • Devices Supported: Supports all computers with USB style keyboards and mice, HDD15 video connectors and audio through 3.5 mm audio jack. Supports all USB devices.
  • O/S Compatibility
    • All known software and operating systems including Windows (all), DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, Sun OS, Solaris, Mac OS, NetWare etc
  • Connectors (local / computer)
    • ADDERLink X50:
      • Video input/output: HDD15, Keyboard/Mouse/ USB devices USB type B
      • Audio input/output: 3.5mm jack
      • CATx: RJ45 connector
      • Power: 2.5mm DC jack
  • Physical (local / computer)
    • ADDERLink X50: All metal case, 120mm / 4.7ft ft (w) x 75mm / 3ft ft (d) x 26mm / 1ft ft (h) 430g / 1 lb.
  • Physical (remote / console)
    • ADDERLink X50: All metal case, 120mm / 4.7ft ft (w) x 75mm / 3ft ft (d) x 26mm / 1ft ft (h) 430g / 1 lb.
  • Power (remote only)
    • 100 - 240VAC, 10W , 50-60Hz
  • Operating temperature
    • 0 to 40 deg C (32 to 104 deg F)
  • Approvals
    • CE, FCC
  • Order Codes
    • Extender pair packages (X50 Local and Remote units):
    • X50-XX
      • XX= Mains Lead Country Code:
        • UK = United Kingdom
        • US = United States
        • EURO = Europe
        • AUS = Australia
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