Apogee Symphony I/O MK-II-ProTools HD-CARD

Symphony I/O MK-II-ProTools HD-CARD
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Symphony I/O Mk II HD

Multi-channel Audio Interface for Pro Tools HD on Mac or PC


Symphony I/O Mk II HD is designed for the Pro Tools HD user who needs a multi-channel audio interface with the best sound quality at an incredible cost per channel value. Whether using a Mac or PC based studio, Symphony I/O Mk II HD can connect directly to your Pro Tools HDX, Pro Tools HD Native or Pro Tools Core/Accel systems.


Symphony I/O Mk II HD can be utilized alongside or in place of Avid® or Digidesign® interfaces for Pro Tools HD. In fact, each I/O module installed in Symphony I/O Mk II HD appears and functions in Pro Tools HD the same if it were a separate Avid HD I/O interface, so set up is easy and you can take advantage of important Pro Tools features such as sample-accurate delay compensation.


A single Symphony I/O Mk II HD unit can have up to 32 simultaneous analog I/O, so you can have more channels with less rack gear.  Need even more channels?  You can utilize multiple units simultaneously, with one Symphony I/O Mk II HD per every Pro Tools HD port in your system. Calibrating your I/O is easy with Symphony I/O Mk II HD’s front panel touchscreen.



Best performance of any multi-channel Pro Tools HD interface

Best cost per channel value of any Pro Tools HD interface solution

Connects directly to any Pro Tools HD system (Mac or PC)

Emulates Avid HD I/O interface, including sample-accurate delay compensation

Connect multiple units in a single system (1 unit per HD port)

Easy I/O calibration with front panel touchscreen

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