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With Harmonic Geometry, Richard Devine explores our string modeling synthesizer in all its facets. In his distinctive style, he brings us elaborate timbral perspectives and intricate textural spaces using the many shapes and forms of String Studio VS-3.
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Harmonic Geometry by AAS


Sound Bank for String Studio VS-2
Also includes the free AAS Player (for use without String Studio VS-2)



With Harmonic Geometry, Richard Devine explores all of String Studio VS-2's facets. In his distinctive style, Richard brings us elaborate timbral perspectives and intricate textural spaces using the many shapes and forms of String Studio VS-2. These ingenious sound sculptures materialize into an eclectic collection spanning modern sci-fi territories, ambiences, surprising percussion, resonant vibrational effects, and exotic instruments.


Harmonic Geometry comprises 130 presets, divided into eight categories: Pad, Effect, Arpeggiator, Plucked, Synth, Keys, Percussion, and Ambient.








  • Solarize Pad
  • Soft Pad
  • Glider
  • Greenwood
  • Blade Runner
  • Markson
  • Feedback
  • Blow Flute
  • Phase In Field
  • Canyon Pad
  • S&H Color
  • Sunset Pad
  • Falling Away
  • Sweeping Pad
  • Organica
  • Boris


  • Alpha Lead
  • Bouncing Balls
  • Air Leak
  • Concrete
  • Rotor Lines
  • Gutter Critters
  • Mecha Swoosh
  • Scrumblers
  • Spider Rays
  • Bridge Metal
  • Motors On Strings
  • Mechanical Timpani
  • Rattling Rolls
  • Cymbal Skatters
  • Ceramic Clatter
  • Vocal Lead
  • Clock Tick Workshop
  • Pulsing Tales
  • Wind Storm
  • Spiral Glitter
  • Water Rods
  • Magic Potions
  • Loose Springs


  • Ancient Artifact
  • Crystallize
  • Steel Top
  • Pillar Plucks
  • Rolling Plucks
  • Mountain Guitar
  • Mood Echo
  • Straw Stacks
  • Koto Tines
  • Texture String
  • Poly Gorma
  • Dark Gamelans
  • Liquid String
  • Drip Tap Leads
  • Clear Pick
  • Riddle Echo
  • Far Away
  • Hop Skips
  • Even Kline
  • Pluck Purals
  • String Tiles
  • Golden
  • Oriental String
  • Koto


  • Cochea
  • Distro Bass
  • Polygon Lead
  • Star Blaze Lead
  • Dirty Bass
  • Bass Blazer
  • Beams
  • Tower
  • 303 Acid
  • Dreamy Arp
  • Mega Bass
  • Poly Tines
  • Spy Lead
  • Simple Square
  • Dual Mode
  • Rich Complex
  • Wavy Leads
  • Chord Atmos
  • Warm Pads
  • Attack PLR
  • Bright Arp
  • Stream Bits
  • Heavy Groover


  • Sunset Keys
  • Phase Organ
  • Pong Piano
  • TomorrowLand
  • Golden Time
  • Dark Piano
  • Rainy Daze
  • Garden Piano
  • Octave Echos
  • Murky Hall
  • Delayed Clav


  • Tuskin Drum
  • Pots Pans
  • Steel Rods
  • Wooden Clock
  • Log Drum
  • Soft Skins
  • Glass-HiHats
  • Metal-HiHats
  • Tight Snare
  • Clean Kick
  • Storm Kick
  • Tin Cymbal
  • Tiny Hat
  • Thunder Drum
  • Vibrating Rulers
  • Marble Clap


  • Film Strings
  • Soft Splines
  • Black Hole
  • Cine Scape
  • Cloud Tine
  • Glisten Moons
  • Dot Signals
  • Haunted Spirits
  • Deep Waters
  • Airlock
  • Soft Pulse
  • Inharmonic
  • Ice Plinks
  • Stair Case
  • Distant Bows
  • Air Streams
  • Vector Scape





String Studio VS-3 and AAS Player are compatible with nearlyall DAWs.

Ableton Live


Apple GarageBand


Apple Logic Pro


Apple MainStage


Avid Pro Tools


Bitwig Bitwig Studio


Cakewalk by BandLab


Cuckos Reaper


Image-Line FL Studio


MOTU Digital Performer


Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol


Native Instruments Maschine


Presonus Studio One


Propellerhead Reason


Steinberg Cubase

What's included with my purchase?

Sound pack for String Studio VS-3

AAS Playerplug-in (VST, AU, AAX, RTAS)

Serial number

Installation instructions

Mac minimum system requirements*

Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Intel Core processor or later

512MB of RAM

70MB of free hard drive space

PC minimum system requirements*

Windows 7 32/64bit or later

Intel Core or equivalent processor

512MB of RAM

70MB of free hard drive space

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