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Resident sound designer Adam Pietruszko embraces retro-futurism with Synth City—a collection of 100 presets amalgamating the nostalgia of the 1980s’ vibe with Chromaphone 2’s modern twist.
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Resident sound designer Adam Pietruszko embraces retro-futurism with Synth City—a collection of 100 presets amalgamating the nostalgia of the 1980s’ vibe with Chromaphone 2’s modern twist. Plunge into synthwave and retrowave territory all the way through futuresynth, darksynth, outrun, retro-electro, nu disco, and synth-pop with this lavish sound pack. Capturing the aesthetic of VHS B movies’ music, Synth City excels at synthesizer melodies straight out of science fiction, cyberpunk, horror, and action film soundtracks. Synth City proposes a plethora of hooks—spanning from cheese to darkness—perfect to celebrate the atmosphere of the 80s and craft your own alternative timeline.


Who’s Adam Pietruszko?

Adam Pietruszko is a sound designer and audio engineer from Poland. Even though he specializes in cinematic and avant-garde sound design, his expertise also covers genres ranging from electronica, experimental music, techno, IDM, Synthwave, EDM, and many others. Adam also teaches at the Academy of Audio Engineering and Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw, Poland. He provides lectures on sound synthesis, acoustics, electroacoustics, digital audio theory, as well as electronic music and FX production. Visit his websiteto find out about his latest projects.



1.      Basses

2.      Main Avenue

3.      Horizon

4.      Noise

5.      Final Boss

6.      End Credits

7.      Buzz

8.      The Grid

9.      Pure

10.   Physical

11.   E=MC2

12.   The Story

13.   Arpeggiators

14.   Midnight Driver

15.   Synth Flavour

16.   Level 99

17.   Shimmer

18.   Electric

19.   Stranger

20.   Ethereals

21.   Glass Dream

22.   Squeak

23.   Cosmic Dancing

24.   Phased Tube

25.   Forgotten Island

26.   Rotating

27.   Digital Anger

28.   Time

29.   Circuit

30.   Tension

31.   Harpi

32.   Bass Arpeggiators

33.   Run Run

34.   Outrun

35.   High Octane

36.   Helicopter

37.   Flanged Octaves

38.   Running

39.   Night Groove

40.   Keys

41.   Purple Highway

42.   Manual Override

43.   Back in Time

44.   Stellar

45.   Sky Ways

46.   Nitro X

47.   Chime

48.   7DX

49.   Fade Out

50.   Mysteries of the Mind

51.   Unison Vibe

52.   Leads

53.   Blown

54.   System

55.   Hard

56.   Popper

57.   Chamber

58.   Bend

59.   Organs

60.   Dirt Rotary

61.   Transistor

62.   Plucks

63.   On the Grid

64.   Dark Skies

65.   Lonely Soul

66.   Synth Pizz

67.   Crystallography

68.   Into the Future

69.   Bells

70.   Moment to Think

71.   Future Noir

72.   Motion

73.   Pads

74.   Cryo Chamber

75.   The Choir

76.   Filter Sweep

77.   Dramatism

78.   Evolvers

79.   Electric Swell

80.   Vox Bursts

81.   Strings

82.   Lo-Fi

83.   Bowed Noise

84.   Steel

85.   Heavy

86.   Drones

87.   The Establishment

88.   Cyberwebz

89.   Dune

90.   Effects

91.   Big Flange Hit

92.   Chiptune

93.   LFO Fall

94.   Stab

95.   Noise Fall

96.   Robot

97.   The Void

98.   Bit FX

99.   Thruster Riser

100.                    Dissolve Sweep

101.                    Landing Pad

102.                    Radioactivity

103.                    Percussions

104.                    Motor Dome

105.                    8-bit Toms

106.                    Pan

107.                    Speaking Drum

108.                    Square Shape

109.                    Synthetic

110.                    Distort

111.                    Tail

112.                    Dry Stick

113.                    Tokyo 2045


Synth City was created with the Chromaphone 2 acoustic object synthesizer. You can obviously play and edit the sounds in Chromaphone 2, but you can also access and play them via the free AAS Player included with your Synth City purchase.

AAS Player—included with purchase

Distraction-free playing experience

More than an hundred free extra presets via Swatches

Chromaphone 2—sold separately

Sound manipulation at the source core

Starting point for new sound design ideas



Chromaphone 2 and AAS Player are compatible with nearly allDAWs.

Ableton Live


Apple GarageBand


Apple Logic Pro


Apple MainStage


Avid Pro Tools


Bitwig Bitwig Studio


Cakewalk by BandLab


Cuckos Reaper


Image-Line FL Studio


MOTU Digital Performer


Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol


Native Instruments Maschine


Presonus Studio One


Propellerhead Reason


Steinberg Cubase

What's included with my purchase?

Sound pack for Chromaphone 2

AAS Player plug-in (VST, AU, AAX, RTAS)

Serial number

Installation instructions

Mac minimum system requirements*

Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Intel Core processor or later

512MB of RAM

70MB of free hard drive space

PC minimum system requirements*

Windows 7 32/64bit or later

Intel Core or equivalent processor

512MB of RAM

70MB of free hard drive space

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