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Resident sound designer Niall McCallum welcomes you to your own slice of strummed Caribbean paradise with Tropical Jam—a Strum GS-2 sound set with an abundance of laidback grooves and an awesome vintage vibe.
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Resident sound designer Niall McCallum welcomes you to your own slice of strummed Caribbean paradise with Tropical Jam—a Strum GS-2 sound set with an abundance of laidback grooves and an awesome vintage vibe. From sub-heavy muted riffs and offbeat chords to delay-drenched stabs and relaxed picked melodies, this preset collection will have you falling in love with the spiraling sound of the spring reverb all over again.


Paying respect to the legends of reggae and dub—from the heavily rhythmic finger-work of Sly & Robbie and Bob Marley & The Wailers to the booming sound system aesthetics of King Tubby and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry—Tropical Jam features 12 styles, 84 guitar presets, and 84 strumming patterns playable with your own chord progressions. Slow down the tempo and reach for your shades!

Who’s Niall McCallum?

Niall McCallum is the co-founder of ModeAudio—a small but passionately dedicated team of sound designers and music lovers based in the UK, specializing in music loops, samples, and bespoke preset design for some of the world’s best-loved music technology. Niall and his team's credits include a wide selection of drum and percussion samples that comes pre-packaged with FL Studio, and custom sound design for Native Instruments, Bitwig, Intua, and many others.


1.      Acoustic and Electric Guitars

2.      Kingdom Rhythm

3.      Kingdom Riff Left

4.      Kingdom Riff Low

5.      Kingdom Riff Right

6.      Kingdom Stab

7.      Kingdom Melody

8.      Kingdom Staccato

9.      Lioness Rhythm

10.   Lioness Riff Low

11.   Lioness Riff Left

12.   Lioness Riff Right

13.   Lioness Stab

14.   Lioness Muted

15.   Lioness Melody

16.   Seeing Double Rhythm

17.   Seeing Double Riff Low

18.   Seeing Double Riff Left

19.   Seeing Double Riff Right

20.   Seeing Double Stab

21.   Seeing Double Muted

22.   Seeing Double Chorus

23.   Sly Dub Rhythm

24.   Sly Dub Riff Low

25.   Sly Dub Riff Left

26.   Sly Dub Riff Right

27.   Sly Dub Stab

28.   Sly Dub Muted

29.   Sly Dub Tremolo

30.   Purple Sea Rhythm

31.   Purple Sea Riff Low

32.   Purple Sea Riff Left

33.   Purple Sea Riff Right

34.   Purple Sea Stab

35.   Purple Sea Melody

36.   Purple Sea Picked

37.   Ambulance Rhythm

38.   Ambulance Riff Low

39.   Ambulance Riff Left

40.   Ambulance Riff Right

41.   Ambulance Stab

42.   Ambulance Melody

43.   Ambulance Crunchy

44.   Monarch Rhythm

45.   Monarch Riff Low

46.   Monarch Riff Left

47.   Monarch Riff Right

48.   Monarch Stab

49.   Monarch Crunchy

50.   Monarch Strum

51.   Friendly Fog Rhythm

52.   Friendly Fog Riff Low

53.   Friendly Fog Riff Left

54.   Friendly Fog Riff Right

55.   Friendly Fog Stab

56.   Friendly Fog Melody

57.   Friendly Fog Flanger

58.   Giants Rhythm

59.   Giants Riff Low

60.   Giants Riff Left

61.   Giants Riff Right

62.   Giants Stab

63.   Giants Melody

64.   Giants Chorus

65.   Root Rhythm

66.   Root Riff Low

67.   Root Riff Left

68.   Root Riff Right

69.   Root Stab

70.   Root Muted

71.   Root Wah

72.   Mountain Top Rhythm

73.   Mountain Top Riff Low

74.   Mountain Top Riff Left

75.   Mountain Top Riff Right

76.   Mountain Top Stab

77.   Mountain Top Groove

78.   Mountain Top Wah

79.   Blue Beach Rhythm

80.   Blue Beach Riff Low

81.   Blue Beach Riff Left

82.   Blue Beach Riff Right

83.   Blue Beach Stab

84.   Blue Beach Crunchy

85.   Blue Beach Flanger

86.   Strumming Styles—7 loops per style

87.   Kingdom 82 bpm

88.   Lioness 76 bpm

89.   Seeing Double 70 bpm

90.   Sly Dub 75 bpm

91.   Purple Sea 80 bpm

92.   Ambulance 82 bpm

93.   Monarch 82 bpm

94.   Friendly Fog 72 bpm

95.   Giants 70 bpm

96.   Root 70 bpm

97.   Mountain Top 80 bpm

98.   Blue Beach 70 bpm


Tropical Jam was created with the Strum GS-2 acoustic and electric guitars. You can obviously play and edit the sounds in Strum GS-2, but you can also access and play them via the free AAS Player included with your Tropical Jam purchase.

AAS Player—included with purchase

Distraction-free playing experience

More than an hundred free extra presets via Swatches

Strum GS-2—sold separately

Sound manipulation at the source core

Starting point for new sound design ideas



Strum GS-2 and AAS Player are compatible with nearly allDAWs.


Ableton Live


Apple GarageBand


Apple Logic Pro


Apple MainStage


Avid Pro Tools


Bitwig Bitwig Studio


Cakewalk by BandLab


Cuckos Reaper


MOTU Digital Performer


NativeInstruments Komplete Kontrol


NativeInstruments Maschine


Presonus Studio One


Propellerhead Reason


Steinberg Cubase


What's included with my purchase?

Sound pack for Strum GS-2

AAS Playerplug-in (VST, AU, AAX, RTAS)

Serial number

Installation instructions

Mac minimum system requirements*

Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Intel Core processor or later

512MB of RAM

70MB of free hard drive space

PC minimum system requirements*

Windows 7 32/64bit or later

Intel Core or equivalent processor

512MB of RAM

70MB of free hard drive space

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