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Rugged yet lighweight design allows for easy attachment wih standard 1/4"20 screw, the aluminium mount points complement the chasis of the Sumo and the carbon fibre cross bar provides a robust grab handle New! Includes: 2 x Handle mount, 2 x 1/4' 20 Mounting screws and 1x carbon fibre handle
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Modularity is at the heart of the Ninja V with a bi-directional high speed expansion port breaking out connectivity for I/O of video, audio and power. Atomos created AtomX to ensure users could adapt and connect to any legacy or future wireless or wired video standard. The expansion system offers endless scalability and is demonstrated by the first of many modules.

The AtomX Sync module brings professional wireless timecode and sync plus Bluetooth control to Ninja V, perfect for enhancing DSLRs, mirrorless cameras or game recordings. You can sync and/or control literally thousands of Ninja V units equipped with AtomX Sync modules on the same network at ranges of up to 300m. Multi-cam shoots have never been so easy. AtomX modules bring broadcast level standards to any HDMI camera or source, making it easy to integrate large sensor consumer cameras easily into traditional live productions. AtomX Sync has a built-in battery extender that allows for continuous power when swapping batteries, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the Ninja V during a shoot.


  • 300m Range
  • 1GHz/Bluetooth Frequency
  • Timecode Sync
  • 60p, HD/4K Frame Rate
  • Master/slave Control
  • 1000+ Networked Devices
  • 7 mins Continuous Power

Class leading technology partnerships
The beauty of licensing technology from Newtek and Timecode Systems is that all their products are fully compatible with the relevant AtomX modules – so large and small productions currently using NDI’s or Timecode Systems’ class leading products can effortlessly integrate Atomos devices. The simplest application with Newtek is integration with their famous TriCaster products.

For Timecode systems the most basic use case is to sync a mirrorless camera to an appropriately equipped audio device for perfect automated sync sound – a huge benefit for anyone from vloggers through to broadcasters and Hollywood productions.

CompatibilityNinja V 5" 4K HDMI Recording MonitorRange300mFrequency1GHz/BT4.0SyncTimecode GenlockFrame Rate60p, HD/4KControlMaster/slaveNetworked Devices1000+Continuous Power7mins
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