5000 Series handheld microphone/transmitter body
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Audio-Technica's 5000 series is designed for use on professional tours, stadiums, concert halls, churches and other demanding environments. It offers incredible audio quality and proven, critically acclaimed performance features for artists, broadcasters and lecturers worldwide.


The third generation of the dual receiver of the 5000 series continues to guarantee top quality for live sound. The dual compander circuit processes high and low frequency signal components separately, including true diversity operation, of course. But the switching bandwidth of 230 MHz (DG1): 470 - 700 MHz or 120 MHz (GH1): 700 - 820 MHz is new.


Two-channel receiver with 230 MHz UHF switching bandwidth (DG1: 470 - 700 MHz) or 120 MHz (GH1: 700 - 820 MHz) for maximum flexibility in an always overcrowded radio environment

Cascade connection of the antennas allows 8 two-channel receivers to be connected, so that a single pair of antennas can operate up to 16 wireless channels. Integrated RF cable testing to make troubleshooting easier.

Auto-squelch adjusts the noise suppression to maximize range while minimizing potential interference.

Dual compander circuit processes high and low frequency signal components separately for unrivaled audio quality.

19 “/ 1U housing contains 2 independent receivers, power supply for antennas, frequency search and IR synchronization, ground lift switch and a headphone connection on the front.

Dual-mode OLED receiver display can switch between standard or performance display to highlight important parameters.

Receiver with 2 balanced XLR outputs and an additional Dante output; also available without Dante option under ATW-R5220

A further developed, digital Tone-Lock ™ noise suppression system effectively fends off high-frequency interference, and the digitally encrypted sound also transmits station data for display on the receiver display.

Wireless Manager Software for monitoring and controlling the radio system.

Components of the 5000 series are offered individually and not as a preconfigured system - this increases your flexibility.

Overall System

Operating Frequencies    BandDE1: 470.125 to 590.000 MHz

Band EG1: 580.000 to 699.875 MHz

Band GH1: 700.125 to 819.875 MHz

Note that some frequency bands might not be available incountry or region in which you live, or could come with a

Minimum Frequency Step              25kHz

Modulation Mode            FM

Maximum Deviation        40kHz (THD:10%)

Frequency Response        23to 16,300 Hz Depending on attached microphone element.

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