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Building upon the success of version 4, Bitwig Studio 5 offers a significant update to the production and performance DAW designed for the electronic and recording musician. With over 90 instruments and plugins and over 10GB of world-class content, Bitwig Studio 5 has arrived as a professional, digital audio workstation for Windows, Mac, and Linux, providing superfast workflows that are fully customizable and well suited for sound design, recording, and live performances.

Upgrades to the software include: Five different MSEGs, new capabilities for the Clip Launcher, an overhaul to the browsers, and upgrades to the entire modulation system, such as the ability to control track- and project-level parameters and to expand modulators with pop-out windows. These new devices and features offer the ability to draw your own envelopes and LFOs as well as innovative possibilities for live performance.

Bitwig features the Grid, a modular sound design environment sporting 186 modules with lightning-fast workflows; the Poly Grid device, where you can create synthesizers and sequenced patches; and the FX Grid device, for creating audio FX with optional voice stacking. Other notable features include automatic project backups, a real-time ruler, Ableton LINK 3, a redesigned instrument inspector, VU meters, and a reworking of the audio engine for timing improvements on all platforms.

Bitwig's recording environment utilizes an object-based system for editing tracks, clips, virtual instruments, effects, and individual notes. Built-in parameter spectrographs provide visual feedback of how your settings influence parameters such as gain, velocity, panorama, and much more. In addition to the traditional linear multitrack recording view, the software offers an arranger clip launcher, for experimenting with non-linear looping while producing, and a mixer clip launcher view, for live performance.

The program supports audio tracks with time-stretching and transient detection, instrument tracks with per-note micropitch control, and hybrid tracks that can accept both audio and MIDI instrument information. This enables bouncing note clips to audio in place and slicing audio to send to a sampler or drum machine. Multiple tracks can be edited simultaneously using layered editing, and automation can be applied at both the clip and track level. A suite of virtual instruments is included as well as full support for 64-bit VST and VST3 plug-ins. Each plug-in is opened as a separate process to prevent Bitwig Studio from crashing in case the VST plug-in crashes. A Unified Device System allows any device parameter, nested device, or plug-in to be modulated with macro controls, LFOs, note expressions, and envelope followers as well as hardware parameters.

Workflow enhancements include multi-monitor support for up to 3 monitors. The 10+GB factory content includes more than 2000 presets and clips, such as drum machines (808, 909, percussion), acoustic drums, multisampled instruments (Wurlitzer, Rhodes, vibraphone, marimba, and acoustic and electric bass), instrument loops, various sound effects, and an Artist Collection Package. A context-based pop-up browser system allows for simple tagging and searching for music content. The software supports many popular MIDI devices out of the box, such as full integration with Nektar's Panorama and Impact controllers, and provides an open-source JavaScript API for programming controller functionality.


This is an educational package for students, teachers, and accredited academic institutions that requires proof of current educational status.

What's New in Bitwig Studio 5

MSEGs: Beyond Envelopes

A multi-segment envelope generator (MSEG) is a tool for drawing custom signals for envelopes, automation shapes, looping patterns, oscillator curves, waveshapers, sequencers etc. Five different kinds of MSEGs can be used as Grid modules, and two of them are also available as modulators. Separate devices means each one is focused on and optimized for its particular task.

Segments is a customizable envelope that can be used as a Grid and Polymer module or as a modulator that controls any parameter. Four Play Mode options are available for Segments:

  • One-shot: plays through the entire shape (while the voice is alive) when a note is triggered
  • Hold: can use any one of the curve's points as the hold/sustain level, which also acts as the release start
  • Looping: can loop forwards between any two of the curve's points on sustain; the loop end point is also the release start
  • Ping Pong: can loop forwards and backwards between any two of the curve's points on sustain; the loop end point is also the release start
Curves: LFO modulator and Grid module that can sync to the beat time or groove.

Scrawl: Draw-your-own oscillator for The Grid and Polymer Bitwig’s hybrid modular synth. Its anti-aliasing helps make any shape work and sound good.

Slopes: Pattern sequencer for The Grid with stereo phase options.

Transfer: Waveshaper for transforming incoming audio or other signals in The Grid.

Clicking any curve display opens the curve editor in a Pop-out Editor window that allows for easy freehand drawing. There are also shortcuts for jumping to double time or triplets. All your designs can be saved as a BWCURVE file and loaded in another MSEG. A visual browser displays all presets and user content at a glance.

Modulation, Elevated

Bitwig's modulation system sets itself apart with a powerfully simple approach: Any control source — including audio or CV signals—can affect any device or plug-in. In Bitwig Studio 5, modulators are no longer limited to devices—they can grab the mixer and project controls as well. That means one LFO can modulate any device on the same track as well as the track's panning, sends, and other parameters. Move that LFO to the project level to add modulations to all devices, channel strips, and transport targets.

Furthermore, MSEGs aren't the only 5.0 modulators with Pop-out Editor windows. The Steps and Keytrack+ modulators, as well as The Grid's data sequencers, also got resizable panes for cleaner editing and some helpful new functions.

New Performance Gestures

  • Performing live with Bitwig Studio just got more exciting with updates to the Clip Launcher. Users can now set Next Actions to occur when a key or pad is released in addition to when it's launched. ALT triggers offer a second option for activating scenes or clips. These features allow performers to decide how their set will unfold in the moment, as they can (for instance) tap a clip to launch it at the next bar line, or ALT-trigger to immediately swap to the new clip.
  • Project-wide normal and ALT-trigger gestures can be set in one place, and you can customize any clip or scene to have its own settings. That includes release options for both normal and ALT gestures, legato options for following the playing clip or the project transport, and a revamped Next Action section with simple loop counts.
  • Since all tracks now have their own remotes, the mixer offers a bird's-eye view of the most important parameters. That way, building a customized set of mix and performance controls is easy. And new mapping options allow users to launch scenes and clips with any hardware.

Bitwig Devices

Updated Browsers

Bitwig Studio 5 also introduces overhauled browsers for a more streamlined experience and a visual way to access content. Now, search results for plug-ins, presets, and wavetables (etc.) all live in one place. There's also a customizable shortcuts pane that allows users quick access to their favorite sound packages, content types (e.g. wavetables, drum hits, or samples) or folders.

Additional Updates

The foundations got some attention as well, with a new onset detector that makes audio work better from the moment you drag it in. Spanish and Korean language support were introduced for Bitwig Studio. The Keytrack+ modulator has an embedded curve editor, so you can simply draw your settings or save/load them as BWCURVE files. And for morphing control signals, there's a new Wavetable LFO modulator/Grid module, equally suited for irregular shapes.


Notable Features

  • The Grid: a modular sound-design environment, sporting 150+ modules and lightning-fast workflows
  • Poly Grid Device: for creating synthesizers, sequenced patches, and more
  • FX Grid Device: for creating audio FX with optional voice stacking
  • Automatic Project Backups, each time you re-save a project
  • Realtime Ruler, showing timelines in minutes and seconds
  • Ableton LINK version 3, supporting start/stop synchronization
  • Global GUI Contrast settings, making the interface pop on any monitor
  • Redesigned Instrument Inspector, offering polyphony, two mono voice modes, and more
  • VU Meters in Routing Choosers, showing the signal you are looking for
  • Reworked audio backends, sporting timing improvements on all platforms

General Features

  • 32-bit floating point audio processing
  • Audio sample rate up to 192 kHz
  • Retina/High-DPi display support
  • Audio import: WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC
  • Bounce and Bounce in Place
  • Unlimited Audio, Instrument, and Effect Tracks
  • Fully customizable keyboard shortcuts & action mappings
  • Fast and flexible MIDI mapping tool
  • Audio and MIDI export
  • Choke groups
  • Scalable vector based GUI
  • Hybrid Tracks
  • Project Templates
  • Clip and Track automation
  • Tracks, Chains, and Devices can be deactivated to save CPU power
  • Plug-in Delay Compensation
  • Jack and ALSA Support
  • Micro Pitch in Note Editor
  • 7 Display Profiles for up to 3 monitors
  • Dynamic menu system
  • Smart tool switching
  • Built-in help section
  • Dashboard with easy access to projects, settings, and other resources

Audio Effects

  • Amp
  • Bit-8
  • Blur
  • Chorus
  • Comb
  • Compressor
  • DC Offset
  • De-Esser
  • Delay-1
  • Delay-2
  • Delay-4
  • Distortion
  • Dual Pan
  • Dynamics
  • EQ+
  • EQ-2
  • EQ-5
  • EQ-DJ
  • Filter
  • Flanger
  • Freq Shifter
  • FX Grid
  • Gate
  • Ladder
  • Oscilloscope
  • Peak Limiter
  • Phaser
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Resonator Bank
  • Reverb
  • Ring-Mod
  • Rotary
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Test Tone
  • Time Shift
  • Tool
  • Transient Control
  • Treemonster
  • Tremolo
  • Vocoder

Hardware Devices

  • HW Clock Out
  • HW CV Instrument
  • HW CV Out
  • HW FX
  • HW Instrument
  • MIDI Program Change
  • MIDI Song Select

Grid Modules

  • I/O (20): terminal modules for signals entering or exiting this Grid device, such as Velocity In, Audio Out, and CV Pitch Out
  • Display (7): visualization and note-taking modules, such as Oscilloscope and Spectrum
  • Phase (17): modules that output wrapped phase signals, such as Phasor, Ø Scaler, and Ø Formant
  • Data (11): lookup modules that are read with incoming phase signals, such as Pitches, Probabilities, and Ø Window
  • Oscillator (9): periodic signal generators based on waveforms or samples, such as Pulse, Swarm, and Sampler
  • Random (4): aperiodic and randomized signal generators, such as S/H LFO and Dice
  • LFO (3): periodic low-frequency oscillators, such as LFO and Transport
  • Envelope (8): modules that produce or extract an envelope, often with a normaled amplifier, such as ADSR and Follower
  • Filter (7): frequency-dependent amplifiers, such as Low-pass LD, SVF, and Comb
  • Shaper (7): various linear and nonlinear waveshapers, such as Quantizer and Wavefolder
  • Delay (5): delay functions, some allowing patched feedback, such as Mod Delay, All-pass, and Recorder
  • Mix (11): signal routing and mixing modules, such as Mixer, Split, and Stereo Width
  • Level (18): amplitude-based functions, values, and converters, such as Attenuate, Bend, and AM/RM
  • Pitch (8): modules that produce pitch values, such as Pitch Quantize and Zero Crossings
  • Math (18): basic arithmetic operators such as Subtract, Minmax, and Round
  • Logic (22): comparators and other modules that output logic signals, such as Clock Divide, =, and XOR

Note Effects

  • Bend
  • Dribble
  • Humanize
  • Note Repeats
  • Quantize
  • Randomize
  • Ricochet
  • Strum
  • Arpeggiator
  • Channel Filter
  • Channel Map
  • Echo
  • Harmonize
  • Key Filter
  • Latch
  • Micro-pitch
  • Multi-note
  • Note Delay
  • Note Filter
  • Note Grid
  • Note Length
  • Note Transpose
  • Transpose Map
  • Velocity Curve


  • E-Clap
  • E-Cowbell
  • E-Hat
  • E-Kick
  • E-Snare
  • E-Tom
  • FM-4
  • Organ
  • Phase-4
  • Poly Grid
  • Polymer
  • Polysynth
  • Sampler


  • 4-Stage
  • ADSR
  • AHD on Release
  • Audio Rate
  • Audio Sidechain
  • Beat LFO
  • Button
  • Buttons
  • Channel-16
  • Classic LFO
  • Curves
  • Envelope Follower
  • Expressions
  • Globals
  • HW CV In
  • Keytrack+
  • LFO
  • Macro-4
  • Macro
  • Math
  • MIDI
  • Mix
  • Note Counter
  • Note Sidechain
  • ParSeq-8
  • Pitch-12
  • Polynom
  • Quantize
  • Ramp
  • Random
  • Relative Keytrack
  • Sample and Hold
  • Segments
  • Select-4
  • Steps
  • Vector-4
  • Vector-8
  • Vibrato
  • Voice Stack
  • Wavetable LFO
  • XY

Essential Collection


  • This fundamental collection of packages includes essential presets for Bitwig synths, effects, Sampler, and drum machine as well as samples for sampler and drum machine patches. Install this package first, following your installation of Bitwig Studio.
  • Classic drum machines never go out of style. Put these carefully sampled and recreated drum kits to work as you compose your own electronic classics.
  • Essential Patterns: is a customizable collection of Bitwig Studio Clips—bass lines, chord progressions, melodies, and much more—that can include MIDI notes and messages along with device presets.
  • Bitwig Demo Projects: the Bitwig demo projects in one place—from yesteryear till today.
  • Grand Piano Lite: a professionally sampled stereo recreation of the world-famous Bösendorfer grand piano, a lighter version of our larger Grand Piano package.
  • Essential Presets: a versatile package of Bitwig-created content and includes the vast majority of Bitwig Studio device presets.
  • Evolving Sounds and Sequences: sound design really comes alive with modulation.
  • Bitwig Wavetables: carefully crafted wavetables in five categories: real-world acoustic instruments, various analog and digital synthesis techniques, recursive fractal spectra, and various series of harmonics.
  • Polymerics: this package explores the vast sonic terrain opened by our straightforward and fun synthesizer, Polymer.
  • Bass-08: a digital resurrection of the legendary 808 drum machine, made possible with Bitwig Studio's advanced device technology.
  • Electric Keys: bring the original sounds to life and repurpose them as modern performances in Bitwig Studio.
  • Notes in Motion: includes 30+ patches that generate music, reimagine arpeggiators, sequencers and note repeaters, and offer modular drum interfaces, and more.
  • Bitwig Impulse Responses: your sounds are going places with the help of Bitwig Impulse Responses, the companion package for our Convolution device.
  • Perfect Drift: perfection is one of humanity's greatest myths. That's why the presets in the Perfect Drift sound package embrace nature's asymmetries to approximate analog's imperfect beauty.

Containers & Routers

  • Audio Receiver
  • Chain
  • Drum Machine
  • FX Layer
  • FX Selector
  • Instrument Layer
  • Instrument Selector
  • Mid-Side Split
  • Multiband FX-2
  • Multiband FX-3
  • Note FX Layer
  • Note FX Selector
  • Note Receiver
  • Replacer
  • Stereo Split
  • XY FX
  • XY Instrument

Spectral Suite

  • Freq Split
  • Harmonic Split
  • Loud Split
  • Transient Split

Sound Collections

Extended Collection

  • The Bitwig Extended Collection contains all factory content packages created at Bitwig—more than 4GB of irresistible goodies, from presets and samples to drum kits, synths, clips, and much more.
  • Acoustic Drum Kits: this large collection of realistic sampled acoustic drums offers multiple kits and samples, captured with four velocity layers and played with a variety of sticks and articulations.
  • Acoustic Bass: features a warm, realistic acoustic bass sampled in a variety of articulations and playing styles. Just right for adding a touch of sultry, slinky cool to your projects.
  • Vibraphone: rich, high-quality vibraphone was meticulously sampled at five velocities over four octaves. It's like playing the real thing, and in your full control.
  • Classic Synths: this collection of juicy samples from the golden age of synthesis features sounds from some of the most popular synths of the era. Sampler presets and a selection of one-shot chord samples.
  • Acoustic Percussion: a high-quality, multisampled collection of percussion kits and instruments, including congas, bongos, shakers, woodblocks, rattles, chimes, djembe, and yes, cowbell.
  • Wundertuete: experimental Sounds, Toys, and More: an eclectic grab-bag including multisampled keys, complex layered ensembles, and abstract sonic surprises.
  • Electric String Synth: a multisampled re-creation of an orchestral synth similar to the classic Logan String Melody. Sounds old-school and awesome.
  • Electric Bass—Plucked: this multisampled package reproduces the crisp detail of an electric bass in four velocity layers. Lay down the bottom.
  • Sound Effects and Noises: unique collection of effects, such as laser shots, sweeps, and blips, that you can use as stand-alone, one-shots or to spice up one of your custom kits.
  • Electronic Drum Kits: Bitwig’s own Electronic Drum Kits feature dynamic synthesized, processed, and layered electronic drum samples and kits in a wide range of styles. Use them as is or customize them as you like.
  • Layered Sounds: is a broad selection of layered instruments—drums, keys, effects, and more—all completely customizable, and all ready to deliver new depth, breadth, and punch to your projects.

More Extended Collection

  • Marimba: this warm, resonant marimba was sampled over four octaves at five velocities and delivers authenticity and complete expressive control.
  • Seven String Electric Guitar: a recreation of the seven-string Squier Stagemaster-7 electric guitar that reproduces the guitar’s notes in four velocities over four octaves. Play it clean, or splash on the color with amp emulations.
  • Grand Piano: multisampled version of the world-famous Bösendorfer grand piano is a big, responsive, realistic instrument that can blend perfectly into any project at any stage of production.
  • Rare Organs and Keys: Rare Organs and Keys package lets you add iconic tone and soul with recreations of three classic keyboards: Farfisa Syntorchestra, Philips Philicorda, and VOX Continental Baroque.
  • Analog Waves: delivers the best of sampled analog sources into Bitwig Studio's ultra-flexible digital environment, ready for you to morph, twist, tease, and tweak to your heart's content.
  • Audio FX - Space, Time, Color: offering more than 150 creative audio effect presets, the Audio FX - Space, Time, Color package brings a fresh palette of colors, shapes, and textures to your audio projects.
  • Anti-Loops: an ever-changing landscape of anti-loops, featuring 100+ clips with sequenced notes and audio using Comping and Operators in creative ways
  • Crossfading Synths: 21 textured synth presets, each one a swarming island of movement and life. Download the patches plus 64 note clips.
  • Notes In Bloom: Notes are the seeds. Sounds are the blossoms. This sound package is the fertile soil.
  • Outer Spectra: Harness the power of sophisticated spectral analysis with Outer Spectra, the accompanying sound package to Bitwig's Spectral Suite.
  • Magnetic Drums: Magnetic Drums has tools for every beat-making workflow: audio loops, ready-made kits, and pre-programmed patterns.

Partner Collection (Teasers)

  • The LoopLoft Loops: feature drums, percussion, bass, guitar, sax, flute, and more played by pros and recorded in top-quality studios.
  • Earth Moments Loops: this teaser package of world music loops from our content partner EarthMoments is a great introduction to their production quality and creative direction. 
  • JoMoX X-Basics: this teaser package provides a taste of the analog drum machines and synths created by Berlin-based JoMoX.
  • Wave Alchemy Loops & Samples: this Wave Alchemy package features professionally produced wet and dry claps, synth drum one-shots, cinematic SFX, drum fills, grooves, and much more.
  • Raw Cutz Sampler 1: this teaser package takes its inspiration from machines, instruments, and techniques of the past, and delivers classic hip-hop drums, breaks, and cuts.
  • Prime Loops Bass Music: this package is a sampling from Prime Loops, featuring loops and one-shots designed for dubstep, drum'n’bass, twerk, and trap.
  • Prime Loops Deeper: a 400 MB teaser of chillstep beats, future synths, pads, FX, and baile chill grooves that will add new depth to your music.
  • CAPSUN ProAudio Loops: features great sounds for bass music and other electronic genres—from their inspiring team of producers, musicians, and sound designers.

Artist Collection

  • Cristian Vogel Bitwig Lab: this package, from electronic music innovator, producer, and performer Cristian Vogel, includes clips, samples, effects, and device presets designed exclusively for Bitwig.
  • Polarity Tools: a fantastic collection of unique creations, ranging from subtle to extreme, from emotional to technical, with a strong focus on harmony, musicality, and playability.
  • Claude Young - Cinematic Synth Sounds: this package offers ten unique multisampled instruments (and 30 dynamic presets) from's "Claude Young | Detroit Sound Science Vol. 1 - Cinematic Synth Sounds."
  • Fingalick Jams: explore this collection of Fingalick's samples, presets, and clips for use in your productions or as inspiration. Build chord progressions for hip-hop, modern R&B, and more.
  • Bitwig Lab II: Cristian Vogel, creator of Bitwig's first artist package, the Cristian Vogel Bitwig Lab, returns with a new package of goodies—a surprising and original collection that will reward your curiosity.

Partner Collection

  • Irrupt System: this inspiring package includes exclusive sound elements such as synths, basses, drums, FX, and one-shots, all curated for Bitwig by Irrupt, a sound design and production company.
  • Irrupt Eurorack: this package features an exciting array of analog Eurorack loops and drum kits created by Irrupt, a premium sound design and production company based in Denver and Berlin. Find inspiration here.


  • 5 MSEGs + Numerous Enhancements
  • For Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Sound Design and Live Performance
  • Comping, Operators, Expression Automation
  • Over 90 Instruments & FX (>10GB Content)
  • Grid Modular Sound Design (199+ Modules)
  • Updated Advanced Modulation System
  • Hybrid Audio and MIDI Tracks
  • Layered Editing and Clip Automation
  • Hardware Support for MIDI, CV, Gate