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Get to editing your URSA Cine 12K camera footage immediately after shooting with the Media Dock from Blackmagic Design. The Media Dock fits three Media Modules in the front of the unit, and it provides high-speed access to media from multiple cameras. The four 10G Ethernet ports can connect to four different workstations for quick turnaround editing and color correction. The unit supports hot swapping of the Media Modules so there's no need to power down to swap media.

You can also transfer media quickly to a computer using the USB-C connector. An HDMI output allows you to see the media status on a monitor. The Media Dock is also compatible with syncing with the cloud, supporting Blackmagic Cloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Color LEDs on the front allow you to see if the drives are mounted and not in use/read (green) or busy in write mode (red).


  • Blackmagic Media Dock accelerates your post-production workflow by making it faster and simpler to start editing and color correction
  • Mount up to three Blackmagic Media Modules for high-speed access to media from multiple URSA Cine cameras
  • The Media Modules are hot-swappable
  • Four high-speed 10G Ethernet ports allow up to four separate edit workstations to connect directly
  • Its connectivity is extremely fast, even when a lot of users are connected at the same time
  • The USB-C connection supports Ethernet, so you can transfer media using a simple USB-C cable connected to your computer
  • An HDMI output allows you to see the status of your media in real time on a TV or monitor
  • Redundant power


  • Mounts up to 3 Media Modules
  • Offload from Multiple URSA Cine Cameras
  • 4 High-Speed 10G Ethernet Ports
  • USB-C Computer Connection
  • HDMI Output for Monitoring