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Unrivaled Detail Without the Artifacts

The Boris FX Continuum Magic Sharp filter is a state-of-the-art image enhancement tool. Magic Sharp goes above and beyond any other image sharpening filter available today.  Get razor-sharp results without any unwanted image contouring.

Caution: If you already own Boris Continuum, purchasing and installing a new unit or filter will overwrite the whole product and you will only be able to use the filter or unit you purchased.

Unsharp masking is the traditional method of enhancing image detail in a source clip. It is an age-old photographic technique, which uses blurred masks and compositing tricks to bring out detail contrast in the image source. Unsharp masking works at a basic level. When you use Magic Sharp, you will increase sharpness and enhance detail contrast in your image without introducing unwanted artifacts (say goodbye to the contour haloing!). All this in a hardware-accelerated filter that will run on any video card across all supported platforms and hosts.

Boris Continuum Magic Sharp Features:

One license, all hosts.

Multi-stage image sharpening

Enhance detail contrast in the source without introducing haloing

Control over sharpening in individual channels, including luma, chroma and RGB

Control over-sharpening in the highlight, mid-tone, and shadow regions

Includes Mocha masking and tracking feature

Hardware-accelerated on both Nvidia and AMD video cards



View the filtered result beside the unfiltered source shot. In other words, no toggling the filter on and off. A very convenient way to fine-tune the filter.



The perfect tool for shots that requires detail contrast enhancement but suffer from heavy compression or noise! The noise suppression control stops the filter from increasing the noise or grain in the source clip. At the same time, you can sharpen the image details.



Because Magic Sharp offers control over the level of sharpness through 4 different sized aperture settings. Increase sharpness in very fine details, such as hair or the pores of human skin. At the same time, reduce the level of sharpness allied to larger areas, such as flat surfaces.



Sometimes it is better to enhance detail in the luma channel, but not the chroma channel. Or sometimes you may want to increase sharpness in the red and green channels but not in the blue channel. Magic Sharp facilitates this by offering the ability to control the amount of sharpness in any individual channel: luma, chroma, red, green, blue.



If you find that you’re working with a shot that has a lot of low light noise, you may want to use the controls in the range tuning group to suppress the filter from sharpening the shadow regions in the image while increasing the level of sharpening in the highlights or mid-tones. Highlight, mid-tone, and shadow regions can be defined and controlled individually to customize the filter processing based on the filtered source.



This handy feature enables you to back off the image sharpening from highlight regions where the software has a difficult time discriminating between highlight details and noise, resulting in noise inadvertently being enhanced instead of suppressed or ignored.



Like most filters in the Continuum product, the Magic Sharp filter includes the PixelChooser matte and masking system with integrated mocha planar tracking and masking making it possible to further isolate image sharpening to specific regions of the image. For instance, you might want to use mocha masking and tracking to generate isolation masks to apply the Magic Sharp filter to a subject’s eyes, while protecting the skin.