BZBGear BG-CJ-IPRSPRO Professional IP/RS232/422/RS485 Controller Joystick Gen2

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BZBGear BG-CJ-IPRSPRO Professional IP/RS232/422/RS485 Controller Joystick Gen2
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The BG-CJ-IPRSPRO is a network camera controller with several control modes. It is a popular choice for recording studios, live production teams, and houses of worship thanks to its professional-grade reliability, ease of use, and compatibility with many IP-capable cameras.



Any camera compatible with IP or serial control will work with the BG-CJ-IPRSPRO thanks to a variety of supported protocols, including IP VISCA, ONVIF, VISCA, SONY VISCA, and PELCO P/D. This unit provides control for up to seven cameras. The versatility provided by this controller means that operators will not need to worry about how this device will fit into their existing ecosystem or go on the hunt for compatible cameras.



The BG-CJ-IPRSPRO supports four control modes. There are two IP modes (IP VISCA and ONVIF) as well as two analog modes (RS-422 and RS-232). An OLED display is available to aid operators in adjusting parameters and for adding cameras during setup. Up to 46 camera presets can be selected as well.


Push buttons are available for other features such as auto focus, auto exposure, and auto white balance. Knobs are available for manual focus, red/blue gain, and IRIS. Options are also available for color adjustment with Color Gain and Color Hue buttons on the unit. The keypad can also dim when not in use and will adjust to ambient light for ease of use and to save power.


Most importantly of all, the BG-CJ-IPRSPRO is easy for anyone to learn, meaning that operators will spend less time training and more time recording the moments that matter to audiences and your organization.

  • Control up to 7 compatible IP cameras


  • Logical button layout for a quick workflow


  • Adjust PTZ speed for the perfect transition


  • IP VISCA, ONVIF, RS232/422/485 control modes


  • Integrated OLED display


  • Keypad dims without use and adjusts to ambient light

Communication RS485,RS42, RS23, IP (VISCA OVER IP) & Micro USB (Upgrade)

Baud Rate           2400,4800, 9600, 19200, 38400bps

Display  OLED DisplayScreen

CAM Short key Channel   7

Rotation Button 3

Joystick 1

IP Address           defaultIP: /163 /164 /165 /166 /167 /168 (from CAM 1 to CAM 7)

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