Serato makes premier audio software for music lovers around the world. Since launching our first product in 1999, our users have grown into a community of millions of DJs, producers, engineers and musicians across 190 countries. From bedroom studios to festival stages. From the unknown to the greatest. Our mission is to deliver the best possible experience for creating, playing and sharing music, wherever you are.

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  1. DJ Flip Expansion pack
    Create custom edits and extend music.
  2. DJ Pitch n Time DJ Exp Pk
    Speed up or slow down your track.
  3. Pitch n Time LE 3.0
    Pitch & Time for Pro Tools & Logic Pro
  4. Pitch n Time Pro 3.0
    Quality Time & Pitch for Pro Tools
  5. Serato DJ Club Kit
    Serato DJ Pro & DVS Expansion Bundle
  6. Serato DJ DVS Exp Pack
    Connect turntables & CDJs TO DJ
  7. Serato DJ Essentials
    DJ Pro plus Expansions
  8. Serato DJ Pro
    Pro DJ Software
  9. Serato DJ Suite
    Ultimate all-in-one suite for Serato DJ
  10. Serato FX Kit
    All Serato FX Expansion Packs
  11. Serato Play
    Dj with just your laptop
  12. Serato Sample
    VST Software Sampler Plug-in
  13. Serato Studio
    The ultimate beat maker`s Studio
  14. Serato Tool Kit
    Serato Flip, Pitch n Time DJ, FX, Play
  15. Serato Video
    Video DJing Expansion Pack for Serato DJ
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15 Items

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