XILS-lab is an audio software company created and managed by Xavier Oudin.

Having developed some of the best-known virtual instruments and effects on the market for various companies over the past 20 years, Xavier now brings his passion for music, audio, sound and instruments to his own company.

In order to make top quality software, Xavier works with highly qualified professionals, musicians and sound designers. They advise and work as part of the "XILS-lab expertise network" allowing us to focus on our main job, the development of new products.

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  1. XILS 201 Vocoder
    Vocoder with 18 Filter banks.
  2. XILS 3
    Matrix based analog synthesizer
  3. XILS 4
    Ultimate Analog Matrix Modular Synth
  4. XILS 505
    Analog Synth Emulation with 4x BBD
  5. XILS Chor`X
    Combines four types of Vintage Chorus FX
  6. XILS Dees
    A De-esser plug-in
  7. XILS LeMasque Delay
    Unique Time-Line driven Delay Effect
  8. XILS LX 122 Premium
    An organ & keyboard companion effect.
  9. XILS Oxium
    Performance Classic Modern Synth
  10. XILS PolyKB III
    Morphing Analog Synthesizer
  11. XILS PolyM
    High Quality emulation of Analog Synth
    Add Rhythm Motion to your Tracks
  13. XILS StiX
    Virtual Multi-Synthesis Drum Machine
  14. XILS SynX
    Poly-timbral Analog DCO-based synth
  15. XILS V+
    Strings, Human Voice, 10 bands vocoder
  16. XILS Vocoder 5000
    Organic sound of EMS 5000 analog Vocoder
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