CHP Cus 3+ - Rig Library for TH-U

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CHP Cus 3+ - Rig Library for TH-U
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Discover EQP


The Gem EQP is the most realistic and accurate emulation of three iconic Passive EQ units, all in a single plugin. In addition to offering the most faithful emulation available today, it allows you to extend the original tone capabilities by adding features that are not available on the analog units.


Emulations inspired by the Pultec* EQP-1A, MEQ-5 and HLF 3C

Integrated programmable Clipper for punchy tones

Frequency response graphic display for full control of the unit

Obsessively accurate recreation of the original harmonic generation, with Overloud's Harmonic Matching technique

Resizable graphic interface

Selectable high oversampling mode

Internal operating level calibration

Multilevel undo-redo

Three Units in One Plugin


Low & High


The Low & High unit is the most well-known hardware EQ. It features two bands with individual boost and attenuation parameters as well as an additional treble attenuation control. The attenuation parameter is centered on a different frequency than the boost, allowing you to create dips after the boosted frequency. This creates deep basses with a very in-focus and smooth top-end.




The MID unit offers two boosting bands and one attenuation band. The original circuit is fully passive and has two transformers: one at the input and one at the output that adds harmonics to the transients. In addition to its unique frequency response, the MID module delivers a super-musical coloration to your tracks.


High & Low Cut


Another fully passive circuit allows you to select the bandwidth in a musical way.


Beyond The Original Hardware


EQP extends the original hardware features and combines the flexibility of the digital world with the character of analog processing.


Built-In Clipper


With the built-in programmable clipper, you can enhance the transients and add punch to the recordings.


EQ Display


You can monitor the real frequency response of each EQ module or of the whole unit.


Unit Calibration


You can select the unit calibration to change the harmonic generation.


Pushing Emulation to a New Level


EQP emulates the most desired EQ modules in the history of recording and mixing. Their warm, fat, and rich sound, with an incredibly detailed midrange, still excite even the most experienced engineers who mix with it.


The original tone shaping circuits are based on passive design, which gives them a unique tonal character. However, to compensate for the loss of level of the passive circuit, the hardware units are equipped with an input transformer and an output tube amplifier, which creates very musical harmonics as well as a deep and warm bass sensation.


This is where most of the digital emulations fail. The EQP uses Overloud's unique Harmonic Matching technology to recreate the original "coloration" in a way that has never been possible before.

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