Controller cards allow for greater device connectivity, various storage device configurations and performance, higher bandwidth and multiple channel low latency network configurations, and multiple external devices for evolving technology and workflows. ADK offers almost all controller card options commonly used today including USBC/USB3.1/USB2, Thunderbolt 3, Sata and SAS Raid or Non Raid controllers, NVMe controllers, Fiber and Ethernet network controllers and more. Controller cards will require the appropriate PCIe slot based on PCI Express channel requirements for the device. Please contact us for any questions on compatibility, availability, or pricing.

Controller Cards

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  1. ATTO Technology Celerity
    Quad-Channel 16Gb/s Gen 6 Fibre Channel PCIe 3.0 Host Bus Adapter ( includes SFFs )
    As low as $1,449.00
  2. ATTO Technology ExpressSAS
    8 -Port Internal 12Gb SAS/SATA to x8 PCIe 4.0 Host Bus Adapter, Low Profile
    As low as $529.00
  3. ATTO Technology Thunderlink
    40Gb/s Thunderboltâ„¢ 3 (2-port) to 40GbE (2-Port) ( includes QSFPs )
    As low as $919.99
  4. Echo III Desktop
    Creative Expansion
    As low as $1,099.99
  5. Echo III Rackmount
    As low as $1,199.99
  6. Sonnet Echo Express
    Desktop 1-slot compact Thunderbolt 2 expansion chassis for low-profile PCIe card with temperature-controlled fan and two Thunderbolt ports to support daisy chaining of up to six devices
    As low as $349.99
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