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Xpander Rack Mount 2 is a 2U rack mount PCI Express (PCIe) expansion enclosure that enables connection of graphics or other controllers to a host computer. The host must have a PCIe x16 expansion slot available for the host interface controller (HIC). Rack Mount 2 provides two PCIe x16 slots. Connect a HIC in one host computer to one Xpander.
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This product is not for sale individually. We are proud to feature this product in our custom built Tsunami Workstations. Please contact us if you are interested in our workstations or for for more information.

With a HIC installed, a single host computer can support two double-wide graphical processing units (GPUs) inside Xpander. It connects to one HIC. Rack Mount 2 provides two PCIe Generation 3 (Gen 3) x16 slots for GPUs or other PCIe adapters with multiple Input / Output (I/O) ports such as FireWire, USB 2.0, or high-definition (HD) audio. For example, use NVIDIA Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) -enabled GPUs for rendering, high-performance computing (HPC) or HPC visualization.

A HIC in a host computers PCIe Gen 3 x16 slot provides the full connection transfer rate with Xpander. For example, the HIC in a PCIe Gen 3 x16 slot provides a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 8Gbs x16 = 128Gbps.

Rack Mount 2 includes two cooling fans, a 700W power supply and a power cord as well as one 2-slot mainboard with risers, one PCIe x16 HIC and one external PCIe x16 cable. It does not include installation media because installation requires no driver or other software. The only drivers you install are those for the devices you install. Cubix provides a standard, two-year warranty with the purchase of each Rack Mount 2.

The standard external PCIe cable length is 2meter. Optional 1m PCIe cable is also available. The maximum duty cycle for PCIe cables is 250 mating cycles. Cubix offers a third-year warranty option on Xpander products for a total of three years.

Quick Start Without Detail
Install a GPU in the host system and install device drivers. Once you have verified operation, shut down, move the GPU to Xpander, install the HIC in the same slot within the host computer, connect Xpander to the HIC using the cable provided, connect power to Xpander Rack Mount 2. Boot the host computer. If the host operating system (OS) is plug-n-play, the OS detects the hardware devices and loads device drivers.


Expansion slots, x16 std

PCI Express Gen 3.0 x16 mechanical / electrical

Number of slots

2 slots in one mainboard

Form factor support

2 double-wide, full-length, full-height controllers / adapters

Connecting cable

External PCI Express x16, 136-pin cable

Cable / connector

x16 / 136-pin

Length, standard

2.00meters (78.74inches or 6.56feet)

Length, optional

1.00meter (39.37inches or 3.28feet)

Connector duty cycle

250 mating cycles maximum per connector

PCIe x16 HIC

Host interface controller, install in a PCIe x16 slot

PCIe Gen 3.0 slot

Provides a theoretical 128Gbps data transfer rate

PCIe Gen 2.0 slot

Provides a theoretical 80Gbps data transfer rate

PCIe Gen 1.0 slot

Provides a theoretical 40Gbps data transfer rate

Front panel LCD

Main menu = left button; sub-menu = right button

Cubix Corporation

MIB assembly and revision; management firmware revision

Power supply status

Standard main power

Temperature status

3 sensor readouts in degrees Centigrade (C)

Fan status

Fan status, voltage percent (%) speed

PCIe link status

x16 cable connected; 8.0Gbps x16 link speed

x16 cable

Connected or not connected status

Slot 1 - 2 x16 transfer rate, theoretical

PCIe Gen 3.0, 8.0Gbps x16 = 128.0Gbps PCIe Gen 2.0, 5.0Gbps x16 = 80.0Gbps PCIe Gen 1.0, 2.5Gpbs x16 = 40.0Gbps

Rear panel

1 power input receptacle and 1 x PCIe x16 cable receptacle

Cooling fans

2 x fans run at 112cfm (cubic feet per minute) maximum

Air flow direction

Front to rear

Xpander power up

Fan is full on for 10s (seconds)

Fan speed, minimum

50% (6Volts) at 25 degrees C or less

Fan speed, maximum

100% (12Volts) at 50 degrees C or more

Fan speed, range

25 degrees C to 50 degrees C in gradual, linear progression

Normal operation

D1 LED = 1 pulse of 10ms (millisecond) on for every 700ms off

Error indication

D1 LED = 4 pulses of 10ms on for every 700ms off

Error conditions

[1] No fan tachometer or [2] no temperature sensor connected

AC power supply

Single-phase, auto-ranging, 88-264VAC, 8-4Amps, 50/60Hz; total output power is not to exceed 700Watts

Operating environment

0 to 30 Celsius (32 to 86 Fahrenheit) temperature

5% to 80% non-condensing humidity

Dimensions (2U)

3.50' H x 19.00' W x 16.00' D (8.89cm H x 48.26cm W x 40.64cm D)


16.00lbs (7.26kg) with no GPUs

Warranty / period

Parts and labor return to manufacturer / 2 years

Ext. warranty period

Optional 3 years

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