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Need an HD field monitor? Use the TLM-700HD 7'' LCD Monitor with HD/SD-SDI and HDMI inputs. 7" TFT LCD monitor with a V battery mount. It has HD/SDSDI, HDMI, HD/SD-YUV, and CV inputs. 16:9/4:3 compatible.
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Weve designed the TLM Monitor Series for video professionals that insist on superior performance. Whether you use these monitors in combination with our switchers, in rack systems, in the field, or for in-studio editing, the TLM Monitor Series offers high-quality options for all your applications.

Datavideos TLM-700HD 7-inch HD/SD-SDI Monitor is a high definition or standard definition-ready color field monitor. This unit features HDMI, HD/SD-SDI, component and composite inputs, making it extremely versatile. The unit comes fully equipped with a standard V-mount, giving you the option to power the monitor using a universal battery from a range of manufacturers. Weve added a sunshade to the package, making it a flexible solution for in-the-field or in-studio applications. The NTSC/PAL auto-detect feature is great for smooth workflow, and weve included more adjustment features for even more precise image control: an internal color bar, color temperature, color select and the blue-only' mode. They are all perfect for calibrating your picture for the best image possible. With its rugged metal design and range of connections, the TLM-700HD is a huge value packed into a small package.

Supports Many Input Formats
TLM-700HD supports HDMI, HD/SD-SDI, Component, and Composite inputs, making it very flexible.

Included Sunshade
A Sunshade is included for easy viewing in bright working environments.

NTSC/PAL Auto-Detect
NTSC and PAL formats are automatically detected with the TLM-700HD.

More Adjustment Features
Additional adjustments allow for even more precise image control.

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