USB interface with stereo balanced analog I/O and Phones out for Windows and Linux
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The UAX220-V2 is a professional stereo USB Audio interface designed for broadcast and other demanding pro audio applications that require high quality audio acquisition of analog sources. Because it is USB Audio compliant,  it can be used with multiple computers (laptop or desktop) and thrid party software applications without installing a dedicated driver.

At a glance

UAX220v2 offers 2/2 balanced analog high-quality I/Os.
Under its compact and sleek design, it combines Digigram’s leading edge experience in audio performance with the ease of use of standard USB Audio.

Key features

  • USB Audio stereo interface: no driver to be installed
  • Self powered on USB
  • Supported under Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • 2 balanced analog mono inputs +22 dBu max signal level
  • 2 balanced analog mono outputs +10 dBu max signal level
  • 1 stereo headphone output  with knob for gain adjustment
  • Switchable zero-latency direct hardware monitoring (mixed with the playback)
  • Push buttons for -12 dB input attenuation, left+right mode, and monitoring
  • Neutrik connectors (XLR, 6.35mm jack)


  • Bus/Format: USB 1.1, compatible 2.0
  • Size: 144 mm X 87 mm X 34 mm, Integrated USB cable: 1.5 m, Integrated audio cable: 0.75 m
  • Power consumption: 500 mA max
  • Operating: temp / humidity (non-condensing): 0C / +50C 5% / 90%
  • Storage: temp / humidity (non-condensing): -5C / +70C 0% / 95%


  • Analog line inputs (mono): 2 balanced
  • Maximum input level/impedance:+22 dBu / >10 kOhms


  • Analog line outputs (mono): 2 servo-balanced
  • Maximum output level / impedance: +10 dBu / <100 Ohms
  • Programmable output gain: by steps of 1 dB, from -60 dBr to +10 dBr
  • Other outputs: 1 stereo headphones output with dedicated output stage and level adjustment knob (Maximum output power/minimum load: 2*40 mW / 32 Ohms)


  • External connectors:
     Standard USB type A for connection with computer
     2 Neutrik XLR-3 female for line inputs
    2 Neutrik XLR-3 male for line outputs
    Locking Neutrik cable jack, female, for headphones output

Audio Specification

  • Sampling frequencies available: 32 / 44.1 / 48 kHz
  • A/D and D/A converter resolution: 24 bits
  • Supported audio formats: PCM (8, 16 et 24 bits, full-duplex)
  • Operating modes: Either selected by application or user-selectable at a fixed resolution  (modes selected via UAX Manager application)
  • Monitoring: Zero latency hardware monitoring  mixed with playback to the line and headphones outputs
  • Monitoring control: On/off and mono/stereo push buttons

Analog audio performance

  • Frequency response (record + play): 20 Hz 20 kHz: 0.2 dB
  • Channel phase difference: 20/20kHz: <0.2/2
  • Dynamic range (A-weighted):
    Input: >104 dB
    Output: >104 dB
  • THD + noise 1 kHz at 1 dBfs:
    Input: <-98 dB
    Output: <-97 dB
    Loop: <-93 dB
  • Crosstalk (Analog in or out):
    1 kHz: <-110 dB
    15 kHz: <-95 dB


  • Supported operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Management: Depending on the host operating systems implementation of the USB Audio specification: DirectSound, Core Audio, ALSA
  • Additional management: Digigram np SDK through Virtual PCX Third-party Asio driver
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