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Drum Chart Builder
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Are You Still Writing Drum Charts By Hand?

Drum Sheet Music Software Tool to Build One Page Simple, Clear and Clean

Song Charts and Setlist for Your Performances


Drum Chart Builder Is A Web-Based Software Program For

Creating, Managing, And Viewing Drum Charts And Setlists.


Automatically Downloads To All Devices for Offline Use


Build Your Chart Today and Use at Your Gig Tonight.

Fast and easy, the unique all-in-one program to create drum music for all skill levels.

Build a simple one-page map of a song and add key drum patterns at the bottom to

keep the right groove. Build your setlists at home or at your gig. Edit your charts and setlists

at your rehearsals or gigs so you can play the song right the first time.


Versatility working for you, where you need it: in the practice room, in the studio, or on the road.


Forget your mobile device? Just use your phone. Setlists look great and easy to read.

Fast to Use, Easy To Learn

Use the fast dropdown menus to add song form, count measures and add notation. The program is easy to learn so you can customize your charts your way that works for you.


Build and edit simple drum charts and setlists for your performances directly on stage, on a bus, on a golf course or at outdoor concert with Drum Chart Builder.


View your clean and clear charts and setlist online or offline wherever you are, right on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Discover the first drum charting software available for all devices today, Drum Chart Builder.

Practice to Performance

One tool for the job - packed with features to help you chart, rehearse and play your music.


Use your mobile device to view all setlist and charts for performances, shows, and practice online and offline. Use the metronome at the top of each chart to count the band in with confidence.


Edit your charts and setlists right before you perform to keep your charts updated


Downloads Automatically For Offline Use On All Devices

Drum Chart Builder is a Progressive Web App so you can work online or offline to create your charts and setlist wherever you are. Gig with confidence even if there is no WIFI is available.


Fast Track Tutorial

Quick Instruction Tutorial is Available

So You Can Building Your Charts Fast.

Follow the step by step instruction on how to start your first chart.

How to count out the song form and add simple one and two bar patterns.

Follow the simple instruction on how to build a setlist and

use the program as a performance tool to

view all your charts one by one and

count the band in using the visual metronome.





Drum Chart Builder Phase II manger

Organize your repertoire of charts, and see all of your setlists in the Manager — edit, view, create PDFs, duplicate and delete, all from one place



2 Blank Chart copy

Insert song form and bar numbers as you could out the song form using the fast Drop-Menus. Move, copy, add or delete bars and add your own custom text.



5 Pattern Library Drum Chart Builder 100quality

Quickly add drum patterns with a single click from the preset Drum Pattern Library: choose from a variety of musical styles and common rhythmic feels, such as straight 8ths, 16ths, Shuffle, or Waltz.



Tour of The Progam  Notation Editor Drum Chart Builder 100quality

Create and customize any pattern with the Notation Editor — edit, save, change time signature and build a library of your own drum patterns you used the most.


Change line labels from HH to TOMS to create a pattern or fill. Create one or two bar patterns and insert into your chart fast.



Automatic synchronization to All Devices

Build and edit all charts and setlist offline. Drum Chart Builder automatically downloads to all devices. Use the app offline when WIFI is not available on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and tablets.



How to Create a Setist and Use the Viewer trying HD

Make Setlists from your charts, and view them one-by-one with a single click.

Click or touch the top if each chart to start the built in metronome so you can count the band in.





Use the Insert Figure library to add notation, rests and symbols to your chart. Add a signature fill right in the song form. Add the cowbell symbol open high hat or diamonds to your chart making it fast to read and easy to play. Simple select a bar to open the dropdown menu and select Insert Figure to open the library.



10 fonts to choose from to customize your charts and setlist.

Adjust metronome for performances. Show and hide title fields to make room on charts. Customize font size for chart and setlist manager lists.



Export all setlists and charts to a single PDF file for easy sharing, or print all charts and setlists to make beautiful printer ready copies for gigs or your students. Duplicate all charts and setlists when you are working with two artists performing the same song. No need to rebuild the same chart.