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The official Leslie collection for AmpliTube and T-RackS. Includes AmpliTube Leslie and T-RackS Leslie.
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The Leslie Collection is actually two IK products: AmpliTube Leslie and T-RackS Leslie. Both are the result of an exclusive collaboration between the IK Multimedia team and Hammond USA and Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan.


We painstakingly captured every nuance of what makes Leslie unique. You'll get 5 legendary Leslie amps and 6 cabinets in two powerful modules for guitar and everything else. This is a great time to get a deal on both for all your production needs.




For guitarists

AmpliTube Leslie brings the unique sound of these amps and cabs together with the convenience and guitar-centric features of AmpliTube 5, IK's premium guitar and bass tone studio for Mac/PC. With the Leslie Collection, you can dial in some of the most memorable guitar sounds from Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to name a few. There's really nothing else like it.


Don't have AmpliTube 5 yet? No problem! Install AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop for free and enjoy all the gear that's yours to keep along with AmpliTube Leslie.


For everything else

T-RackS Leslie is ideal on all sources and not just organs and keyboards. Try it on the synths, on lead vocals, background vocals, drums, percussion and much more, even as a parallel processor inside the T-RackS channel strip for effects never heard before.


Don't have T-RackS 5? Install T-RackS 5 CS for free and build your studio with exactly the right tools you need.


Nothing compares to the authentic sound of a Leslie amp and cab. Make it part of your sonic toolbox today.


10.4 GB of content

Stereo version: 70 Loop Instruments for over 480 audio loops

Stereo Wet version: 60 Loop Instruments for over 420 audioloops

Multitrack Stems version: 70 Loop Instruments for over 2000audio loops

Stereo and Multitrack Stems version: 2472 Wav audio files