iZotope Mobius Filter

ascending and descending filter sweeps
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There are certain samples that just tend to sound robotic. Our finger snaps were no exception. They created a nice layer to the groove, however, we needed to give them a little more emotion, life, and movement.


This is where Mobius Filter turned out to work like a charm. This plug-in creates eternal motion where it didn't exist before. Whether it's through EQ filtering, flanging, or other behind-the-scenes magic, it constantly modulates the sound. The outcome of this was that the snaps, which before sounded dry and identical each time, now kept changing with each repetition. The small variations made the whole groove feel less robotic.

If something works on one track, let's try it on some others! We realized that as much as the hi-hat in our intro was nice and simple, it needed a little love. So we tried another Mobius Filter on it with some different settings. This gave those fast rhythms a nice upward motion. The claps, of course, could benefit from some rhythmic excitement, so we added another DDLY instance.

How many pads have you heard in your life that sound pretty but also ever so slightly dull? Too many. Here, we decided to add more motion to our pad by combining the two above plug-ins and processing it with both. DDLY took care of subtle repetitions, whereas Mobius filter gave it an underwater effect that keeps evolving with each chord.

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