1/2 Rack Stereo Compressor
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The Mc2 is a professional studio-quality stereo compressor in a compact half-rack format. Simple to use yet extremely powerful, the Mc2 will bring out the best in any line-level stereo material and give the gloss of a professional studio to all your performances. It can be used for both recording/mastering, and live work.

Think of the Mc2 as three separate pieces of equipment:
A line level stereo preamplifier.
A stereo Joemeek compressor.
A stereo width processor.

threeQ Specifications

Input impedances:
Line: 20kohm
Pre-amp overall gain:
-6dB to 15dB
Common mode rejection:
Equivalent input noise:
-95dBu (unweighted)
0.001% (below Compressor threshold)
Frequency response:
10Hz to 70kHz (-3dB)
Maximum input before clipping:
Headroom before clipping:
Compressor threshold:
-6dBu to +22dBu (variable)
Compressor ratio:
1:1 to 10:1 (variable)
Compressor attack time:
1 msec to 100 msec (adaptive)
Compressor release time:
0.1 sec to 3 sec (adaptive)
Nominal output levels:
Output impedance:
Output Level switch:
12dB attenuation
Noise Floor:
-95dBu (typical, with 0dB Input and Make Up gain)
VU Meter:
8 segment bargraph
Power supply:
12V ac mains adaptor
Power consumption:
220W x 44H x 180D (overall)
1 kilo
GR Hold Threshold:
-10dBu to -50dBu (variable)
Stereo Width Range:
Mono/stereo/wide stereo (variable)
GR Meter/VC Meter:
8 Segment bargraph



Input impedances:Line: 20kohmPre-amp overall gain:-6dB to 15dBCommon mode rejection:70dBEquivalent input noise:-95dBu (unweighted)Distortion:0.001% (below Compressor threshold)Frequency response:10Hz to 70kHz (-3dB)Maximum input before clipping:+19.5dBuHeadroom before clipping:+19.5dBuCompressor threshold:-6dBu to +22dBu (variable)Compressor ratio:1:1 to 10:1 (variable)Compressor attack time:1 msec to 100 msec (adaptive)Compressor release time:0.1 sec to 3 sec (adaptive)Nominal output levels:+4dBu/-10dBvOutput impedance:75ohmOutput Level switch:12dB attenuationNoise Floor:-95dBu (typical, with 0dB Input and Make Up gain)VU Meter:8 segment bargraphPower supply:12V ac mains adaptorPower consumption:12WMechanical:220W x 44H x 180D (overall)Weight:1 kiloGR Hold Threshold:-10dBu to -50dBu (variable)Stereo Width Range:Mono/stereo/wide stereo (variable)GR Meter/VC Meter:8 Segment bargraph
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