Juicebox Lithium-Ion Battery with D-Tap Charger (150Wh, V-Mount)

Home Juicebox Lithium-Ion Battery with D-Tap Charger (150Wh, V-Mount)
Super high capacity (150Wh) external battery compatible with all standard v mount systems. Includes rapid charger.
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The Juicebox v-mount battery is the most efficient and cost effective high capacity camera battery you’ll find anywhere. And, to save you hundreds of dollars on a charging system, we’ve included a high efficiency smart charger. With a super-long-lasting (150 watt hour) lithium ion core, exceptional quality LG cells, zero memory effect and compatibility with any standard v-mount system, we’re excited to present to you the solution to all camera power solutions.



Exceptional quality lithium ion cells from LG

Compatibility with all standard v-mount systems; perfect battery solution for Blackmagic, RED, ARRI, Rotolight, Dracast and more

Rapid, high power (4.5 amp) smart charger with d-tap connection

D-tap and USB outputs for powering and charging auxiliary and mobile devices

LED charge level display, overcharge and over-discharge protection

Weight  4.00 lbs

Dimensions         9 8 4 in




Battery Weight 

2.2 lbs


Battery Dimensions         

6.0 x 3.75 x 2.25 inches



150 watt hours



V-Mount Connection, D-Tap (~14.4V, 10.4A)

USB (5V, 2.1A)

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