Kiloview Intercom System (Pro)

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Kiloview Intercom System (Pro)
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Manufacturer's Part Number: KIS-PRO

Kiloview Intercom Server Pro (KIS Pro) is a multi-channel communication system that features with brand new UI, unlimited channels of intercom, efficient group management and better user management, KIS Pro is your best option to built a safe and stable communication for your live production. With support of the whole Kiloview ecosystem, KIS Pro unleashes its power for every end user to maximize their production capabilities.

Completely IP-based, No Extra Charge

KIS Pro is completely IP-based with WebRTC protocols. Its server can be deployed on air and on-premise with no more device needed. There are multi ways to get access into KIS Pro including Web, KIS Deck, Kiloview converters and mobile devices. Just talk and listen without extra charge.

Communicate On the Air

KIS Pro allows end users to talk with each other through local area network and internet. Once you have the access to the internet, there are no limits of time and location to communicate because it’s all on the air

Unlimited Intercom Channels*

KIS Pro sets no limit of intercom channels adding. With its efficient group management, no matter how many channels are in operation, your can always make sure everyone is in the right channel.

*Number of channels depend on the hardware.


Flexible Devices Access

There are also flexible choices of devices to get access to the KIS Pro. All the Kiloview devices can get access to KIS Pro. End user can also use mobile devices to get access through web. You can also connect other devices to KIS Deck through one cannon cable to get in this fabulous intercom system.


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