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The cloud bonding service enables you to take your live streams to the next level.
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The cloud bonding service enables you to take your live streams to the next level.


Don’t take the risk of relying on just one connection!

Solo Cloud Bonding combines up to four signals (2x cellular connections, 1x WiFi, 1x Ethernet) allowing bandwidth consistency even when one source becomes unstable. This allows you to generate high-quality live stream from anywhere.


Reliable live video streaming over cellular networks

LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT™) brings together the best video delivery techniques into one integrated protocol that is tightly integrated with the Solo encoder. Adaptive bitrate encoding, dynamic Forward Error Correction (FEC) and packet ordering are key components of LRT, supporting the rock-solid video streams LiveU is known for.




LRT uses numbered packets so that the packets can be re-ordered when they arrive out of order. Packet Ordering is an absolute requirement with connection bonding, where data usually arrives in a different order than intended.



Forward Error Correction (FEC) adds some overhead to the stream to recover lost data faster. LRT automatically varies the FEC parameters based on monitored network conditions.



LRT can acknowledge large groups of packets if they all arrived. If some did not arrive, it can inform the streaming engine to resend needed data. By acknowledging large groups of packets at a time, LRT uses less overhead and latency. Unlike UDP, LRT gives complete feedback loop so the user knows that the data is arriving correctly.



As the bandwidth condition changes, LRT automatically recognizes this and informs the video encoder to allow it to adapt the bit rate of video it is delivering and keep the best possible stream within the available bandwidth at any given moment.

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