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MACKIE MR524 5" Powered Studio Monitor
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MR Series Studio Monitors

Inspired BY YOU

Artists, engineers, and content creators like you are more innovative than ever, and we know how much you rely on your gear to express your creativity. MR Series monitors bring you closer to your music and your mix than ever before to deliver professional results without breaking the bank.



With an all-new design, MR Series monitors utilize our proven technology and acoustic tuning to deliver incredible accuracy and clarity. The logarithmic waveguide provides an ultra-wide listening sweet spot and enhanced stereo imaging while the Acoustic Space Control allows you to adjust the frequency response of the monitor to match your studio. Whether it’s dialogue, hip-hop, rock, and beyond, you can listen with confidence knowing your mix will sound great anywhere.


For extended bass response in your studio, the MRS10 Powered Studio Subwoofer delivers powerful low-end reinforcement perfect for when your music hits hard and low.



An industry standard for decades, Pro Tools | First is easy enough for beginners yet sophisticated enough for experienced musicians. Get many of the same tools used by your favorite artists and recording studios. And now you can collaborate online with anyone, anywhere, and create at the speed of your imagination. Available for MacOS® and Windows® operating systems. Learn More





Mackie Exclusive


In addition to the powerful plug-ins within Pro Tools | First, you get the exclusive Mackie Musician Collection featuring 23 fantastic plug-ins.


304E EQ / 304C Compressor bundle

BBD Delay, Black Op Distortion, Black Shiny Wah, Black Spring Reverb, C1 Chorus, DC Distortion, Eleven Lite, Flanger, Graphic EQ, Gray Compressor, Green JRC Overdrive, In-Tune, Orange Phaser, Roto Speaker, Sci-Fi, Studio Reverb, Tape Echo, Tri Knob Fuzz, Vari-Fi, Vibe, Phaser, and White Boost

*Requires a new Pro Tools | First subscription at no cost

Designed for superior mix translation and accuracy forprofessional results in any studio


Equipped with Mackies proven logarithmic waveguide design

Ultra-wide dispersion for enhanced stereo imaging andlistening sweet spot

Precise acoustic alignment offers incredibly balanced soundacross the entire frequency spectrum

1 silk dome tweeter provides fast transient response for detailedhigh end and vocal clarity

5 polypropylene woofer delivers responsive, dynamiclow-frequency response

50 watts of bi-amplified Class A/B amplification

Frequency response: 45 Hz 20 kHz

Optimize MR monitors for your mixing environment

Adjustable acoustic space filters maintain flat response intypical placement configurations

HF filter applies boost or cut to compensate forparticularly dull or bright sounding rooms

Professional all-wood cabinet design built to last and lookgreat in any studio


Custom designed internal bracing adds stiffness for reduceddistortion and enhanced low-frequency response

Flexible inputs for simple connection to almost any audiosource

Acoustically optimized with sound-tightening acousticabsorption material

Add the companion MRS10 studio subwoofer for powerful, deeplow-frequency extension perfect for electronic music, hip-hop and more

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