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Creative Video Editing

MAGIX Video Pro X16 is the powerful all-rounder for ambitious amateur filmmakers. The centrepiece is the unique all in-one viewport, which combines all important tools, effects and settings in a single window. Numerous AI features such as Speech to Text, Text to Speech and Style Transfer automate complex work steps, making it even quicker and easier to produce creative videos. Video Pro X always delivers professional results - whether for YouTube videos or for vacation and event mementos.


  • NEW: Speech to Text - Transcribe and create subtitles using AI (Limit: 3 hours/year)
  • NEW: Text to Speech - Create voiceovers using AI (Limit: 40K characters/year)
  • NEW: Turn footage into artwork with AI Style Transfer
  • NEW: Colorize black and white videos with AI Colorize

  • NEW: Access to over one million stock video & sound assets (Limit: 240 assets/year)
  • NEW: Improved workflows for screen capture and Chroma keying
  • NEW: NewBlue effects suite with over 25 creative filters
  • Time-saving editing tools, incl. 3-point editing
  • Multi-track & multi-format timeline, incl. nested sequences
  • Professional color grading with 3-way color correction, HDR color spaces, LUTs & gradation curves
  • 1,500 creative contents, HDR/blur and look balancing
  • Multicam editing for up to 9 cameras incl. control room monitor
  • HiDPI-capable program interface for 4K displays
  • INFUSION Engine 3: hardware support for the latest GPUs from Intel, Nvidia and AMD
  • Multi-GPU support: use multiple graphics cards simultaneously
  • Optimisation for Intel® Hyper Encode technology


Platforms: Windows 10 | 11

Processor: 6th generation Intel Core i-series or higher, AMD Ryzen or higher

RAM: min. 16 GB

Graphics Card: Intel Graphics HD 620 or higher with 4 GB , Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti or

higher with 4 GB, AMD Radeon RX470 or higher with 4 GB

Hard Drive Space: 10 GB

Internet connection: Required for registering and validating the program, as well as for individual program functions.