The company was founded 2007 in Zürich, Switzerland by senior software engineer Rolf Eichenseher. We design and develop professional audio equipment which connects different worlds in the industry - always in close collaboration with our customers worldwide, to exactly meet their requirements. Our products are developed in Switzerland and manufactured by our long-term partner in Germany who is responsible for PCB and mechanical assembly, QA and logistics. This one-stop service approach, together with ISO9001 certification, ensures best quality and shortest lead times.


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  1. ADAT Extender
    ADAT/Toslink extender. 8 channels (complete kit)
  2. ADAT Extender Bidirectional
    Bidirectional ADAT/Toslink extender, 16 channels (complete kit)
  3. ADAT Splitter
    Active ADAT/Toslink Splitter
  4. Flexiverter AES3
    Flexiverter AES3
  5. Flexiverter AES50
    Flexiverter AES50
  6. Flexiverter AES67
    Flexiverter AES67
  7. Flexiverter Aux ADAT
    Flexiverter Aux ADAT
  8. Flexiverter Aux AES3
    Flexiverter Aux AES3
  9. Flexiverter Aux AES67
    Flexiverter Aux AES67
  10. Flexiverter Aux AVB
    Flexiverter Aux AVB
  11. Flexiverter Aux DAC
    Flexiverter Aux DAC
  12. Flexiverter Aux Dante
    Flexiverter Aux Dante
  13. Flexiverter Aux MADI COAX
    Flexiverter Aux MADI COAX
  14. Flexiverter Aux MADI OPTO
    Flexiverter Aux MADI OPTO
  15. Flexiverter Aux Wordclock
    Flexiverter Aux Wordclock
  16. Flexiverter Dante
    Multi-format. Highly Affordable. Most flexible.
  17. Flexiverter MADI
    Flexiverter MADI
  18. Flexiverter Power Supply
    Flexiverter Power Supply
  19. Flexiverter Rackmount 1
    Flexiverter Rackmount 1
  20. Flexiverter Rackmount 2
    Flexiverter Rackmount 2
  21. MADI TP Addon
    Optional box to convert MADI Twisted Pair port to DiGiCo/Soundcraft/Studer format
  22. MVR-64 multiverter
    64x64 channel digital multi-format converter
  23. SRC Addon
    Optional 64 ch bidirectional sample rate converter addon for the MVR-64
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