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Best Service, founded 1986 as a pioneer in the upcoming sampling market is a Munich based Company, committed to providing the best virtual instruments and sound library experience possible, covering an exceptional range of inspiring tools for musicians.

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  1. Accordions 2 Upgrade
    Single Bandoneon from Accordions 2
    As low as $49.00
  2. Alpine Volksmusik 1
    To the Alps and beyond Vol. 1
    As low as $99.00
  3. Alpine Volksmusik 2
    Collection of Instruments for Volksmusik
    As low as $99.00
  4. Altus
    Real counter tenor as a virtual instrume
  5. Ancient ERA Persia
    Sounds from forgotten places
  6. Ancient ERA upgrade
    Upgrade from Desert Winds
  7. Arabic E-Oud
    Authentic Arabic E-Oud
    As low as $69.00
  8. Arabic Oud
    Painstakingly recorded Oud
    As low as $69.00
  9. Cantus
    Real Gregorian Choir virtual instrument
  10. Celtic ERA
    Roots of the Celtic Culture
  11. CH Solo Strings Complete
    Collection of virtual Solo Strings
  12. Chris Hein Bass
    Six exceptional noble bass instruments
  13. Chris Hein Brass Compact
    The Lite version of Orchestral Brass
  14. Chris Hein Brass EXtended
    Update for registered CH Brass Complete
    As low as $79.00
  15. Chris Hein Ensemble Strings
    Designed Ensemble Strings Library
    As low as $349.00
  16. Chris Hein Guitars
    Seven Guitars, professionally sampled
  17. Chris Hein Harmonica
    The ultimate Chromatic Harmonica library
  18. Chris Hein Harmonica Lite
    Harmonica incl. Engine Player License
  19. Chris Hein Horns Compact
    54 Brass & Woodwind Instruments
  20. Chris Hein Horns Pro
    Complete professional horns library
  21. Chris Hein Orchestra Compact
    Chris Hein Orchestra Compact Bundle
  22. Chris Hein Orchestra Complete
    Complete collection of Chris` Orchestra
  23. Chris Hein Solo Cello Ext
    4 fantastic sounding Solo Cello Instr.
  24. Chris Hein Solo ContraBas
    Extended! The best virtual ContraBass
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98 items

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