Best Service, founded 1986 as a pioneer in the upcoming sampling market is a Munich based Company, committed to providing the best virtual instruments and sound library experience possible, covering an exceptional range of inspiring tools for musicians.

Best Service

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  1. Galaxy II Vienna Grand
    A single Boesendorfer grand piano
  2. Galaxy Vintage D
    A legendary grand piano, budget price
  3. Galaxy X
    Exeptional Convolution Synthesizer
  4. Galaxy X-FX
    FX part of Galaxy X
  5. Galaxy X-Keys
    Keys part of Galaxy X
  6. Galaxy X-Loops
    Loops part of Galaxy X
  7. Halls Of Fame 3
    13 legendary hardware reverbs
    As low as $99.00
  8. K-Size Engine Edition
    Four K-Size libraries in one pack
  9. Klanghaus 2
    Collection of unique instruments
  10. Klanghaus Bio Machine
    Self-built instruments meet sound design
    As low as $59.00
  11. Kwaya
    African Choir virtual instrument
  12. Mystica
    Classical female chamber choir library
  13. NADA
    Meditation & New Age Sounds
  14. Nitron
    Sample based Synthesizer
  15. Orchestra
    Chris Hein Orchestra Compact Bundle
    As low as $399.00
  16. Organum Venezia
    Virtual Instrument Church Organ
  17. Phantom Files Bundle
    Phantom Files Bundle
  18. Real Handpan
    Real Handpan
  19. Shevannai
    The Voice of Elves - vocal library
  20. Studio Box Mark III
    10,000+ Sound Effects and Ambiences
  21. Synth-Werk
    Sounds for electronic music
  22. The Orchestra
    The power of a full orchestra
    As low as $199.00
  23. The Orchestra Complete 2
    Crossgrade for users of Strings of Winter or Horns of Hell
    As low as $99.00
  24. The Orchestra Essentials
    Your Fast Track to Orchestral Composing
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