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Chord Prism
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Enhance your ability to play keyboard with our patented technologies.

Create stunning melodies, basslines, and arpeggios over any chord progression.


Chord Generator

Play one finger chords from any Key or Scale.  Choose from multiple chord types (triads, 7ths, 9ths) and multiple inversion and voice leading options.  Apply Strum, Repeat, Hold and Velocity effects.

Smart Scale

Play amazing basslines and melodies with our patented Smart Scale.  Features different mappings for different experience levels.  For beginner mappings, the Scale shifts with each Chord Selection. This allows you to keep your hand in the same position, while the right tones shift to your fingers.

Step Sequencers

Program and apply different rhythmic patterns to the content you create with the Chord Generator and Smart Scale.  Chord Prism comes with a wide range of genre based presets which take full advantage of the Step Sequencers.

Multi Arp

Create from a palette of multiple one finger arpeggios which can be applied to any chord selection.  Our patented Multi Arp allows you to mix and match arp patterns into unique directional and tempo changing combinations.

Instance Sync

When using multiple instances of Chord Prism within a project, each instance will share Key, Scale and Chord information.  This allows you to quickly add elements like bass, melody and arpeggios to a chord progression without having to think about what tones will work over the chords.


Multi Instrument Performance

Play a chord progression, melody and bassline simultaneously with different instruments inside of your DAW...  like you have four hands.  Chord Prism's Mute buttons allow you to isolate specific roles for each instance.


Chord Editor

Adjust the notes of each defined chord on a step by step basis with our patented Chord Editor.  Create any inversion, voicing, extended or altered chord imaginable.  A powerful tool for more experienced users looking for advanced accompaniment options.

Export MIDI

Once you have gotten your track to where you want it, you can easily drag and drop the actual midi notes being performed to an instrument track within your DAW.

Key/Chord Shifters

Change your key or chord types on the fly with Chord Prism's shifter keys.  Great for live performance or quickly auditioning different ideas in the studio.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.8 and above.

Windows 7 and above.

Most DAWs - Chord Prism is recognized as a VST Instrumentwithin your DAW.  It does not produce anysound, but can be set up as a MIDI Output to another instrument within yourDAW.  You can then record your selectionsto the Chord Prism track, which will control the playback of another instrumenttrack.  You can also export the midi fromChord Prism to other instrument tracks. Multiple instances of Chord Prism canbe used within a project.


Maschine and Reason - Since these DAWs do not allow forrouting MIDI from one track to another, Chord Prism allows you to load anadditional VST Instrument within itself. You can scan your VST instruments intoChord Prism's library or drag and drop individual VST instruments from their folderson your computer to the Chord Prism Library.


Logic Pro - Chord Prism can be used just like native LogicMIDI Effects, where it is placed in front of the instrument in the signalchain.

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