Keith McMillen Instruments

KMI is the creator of expressive technology for DJs, electronic musicians, controllers, guitarists, bassists, and string players.

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  1. Keith McMillen Instruments - 12 Step
    12-key Chromatic Foot Controller with 12 x Velocity/Pressure/Tilt-sensitive Keys and USB Connectivity
  2. Keith McMillen Instruments - MIDI Expander
    5 pin MIDI In & Out expander for KMI controllers
  3. Keith McMillen Instruments - QuNeo 3D Pad Controller
    Multi-touch Programmable Multiple Zone/Pressure Detection MIDI Control Surface -16 x Pads, 9 x Sliders, and 2 x Rotary Sensors
  4. Keith McMillen Instruments - QuNexus 25-Key Pressure Sensitive Controller
    25-key MIDI/CV Controller with Polyphonic Aftertouch, Pitch Bend Pad and Smart Sensor Keys
  5. Keith McMillen Instruments - QuNexus CV Cable Kit
    CV Cable Kit with 2 x 1/8" Stereo Plug to Mono Jack, 1/8" TRRS Plug to Dual 1/8" Stereo Jacks, 1/8" Stereo Plug to 1/4" Mono Jack, and 1/8" Right-angle Stereo Plug to 1/4" Stereo Jack
  6. Keith McMillen Instruments- BopPad Smart Fabric Drum Pad
    BopPad Smart Fabric Drum Pad
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