myMix personal monitor mixer allows musicians to create a natural sound experience even with IEMs. This eliminates listening fatigue and allows musicians to stay in the creative flow and play better. Techs are able to listen in to individual mixes if needed. Very little tuning is needed once the 3D sound image is created. The audio network can handle up to 500 channels so musicians have the freedom to choose what they want and are no longer overwhelmed by things they don't need. The intuitive interface allows the user to navigate the device without the need for technical knowledge. Additionally, each unit can instantly multi-track record up to 18 tracks of 24bit, 48kHz time-stamped .wav audio files to a compliant SD card. Units are connected by CAT5 cabling to an Ethernet switch. Both analogue and digital connections are available with connections to most all consoles.


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  1. myMix Control
    myMixCONTROL is a web-based remote tool for engineers working with larger myMix systems.
  2. MyMix DANTE-16V32
    Dantify your myMix system. 16 myMix channels to the leading Plug&Play network
  3. MyMix DANTE-16V64
    Unmanaged 8 port Fast Ethernet switch with POE
  4. MyMix Dante-32V64
    MyMix Dante-32V64
  5. MyMix Demo10 Case
    MyMix Demo10 Case
  6. MyMix IEX-16L
    myMix 16 channel input expander for line level signals.
  7. MyMix IEX-16L-A
    16 channel input expander for digital and analogue signals, expands the myMix network by 16 audio channels.
  8. myMix II-Personal Monitor Mixer
    Networked personal mixer & multi-track recorder, records up to 16+2 tracks of 24-bit / 48kHz audio to optional SDHC cards
  9. myMix Install
    myMix Install
  10. MyMix MADI-16
    MADI to myMix Interface for 16 audio channels, 24-bit/48kHz, Contains (1) RME ADI-648 and (1) IEX16L-A
  11. MyMix MADI-16FER
    MADI to myMix Interface for 32 audio channels
  12. MyMix POWER12
    Pre-configured Cisco SF300-24P(P) for myMix systems. Will power up to 12 myMix via POE. Ships with IP address
  13. MyMix POWER8
    Pre-configured fanless Cisco SF302-08MP for myMix systems. Will power up to 8 myMix via POE.Ships with IP address
  14. MyMix RX-2
    Rack-mountable remote controlled networked mixer for the myMix system
  15. MyMix Studio Mod Retrofit
    Studio Mod Retrofit for myMix (unit needs to be shipped to service dept. Price w/o freight)
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