Music and film are artistical snapshots created for listeners and spectators to first and foremost evoke – emotions. It is our philosophy to kindle these feelings from the very beginning of a production and to elaborate it with our sparkle.


In times of sheer endless data throughput and storage capacity it is obvious to us offering you even faster engineering of productions in no compromise quality – worldwide. Take a step ahead together with us and benefit from our Online Services.

Prime Studio

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  1. Prime Studio Black Series Bundle
    Analog style EQ, Compressor, Limiter
  2. Prime Studio Black Series Compressor
    Vintage style sounding compressor.
  3. Prime Studio Black Series Equalizer
    Three band equalizer and filters.
  4. Prime Studio Black Series Limiter
    Vintage style sounding limiter.
  5. Prime Studio Caribou Compressor
    Vintage style compressor/limiter.
  6. Prime Studio Caribou Filter
    Vintage style filter.
  7. Prime Studio Caribou Mix
    Vintage style channel.
  8. Prime Studio Caribou Series Bundle
    Analog style EQ, Compressor, Limiter
  9. Prime Studio Charleston
    Vintage tube style summing tool.
  10. Prime Studio De-Lady
    Delay and saturation effect.
  11. Prime Studio Funkenschlag-Channelstrip
    Vintage console style channelstrip.
  12. Prime Studio Hubbard Squash
    Three band equalizer and filter.
  13. Prime Studio Prime Compressor
    Vintage 70s style compressor/limiter.
  14. Prime Studio Prime Curve
    Vintage 70s style equalizer.
  15. Prime Studio Prime Mix
    Vintage style equalizer and channel.
  16. Prime Studio Solid Compressor
    1980`s style vintage compressor.
  17. Prime Studio Sparkle Bundle
    Analog 70s style EQ, Compressor, Limiter
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