Three-Body Technology

We create awesome virtual instruments and effects using premium audio equipment and topnotch DSP programming.

Our Story

We are an energetic collection of musicians, programmers, and audio engineers brought together by a common love for music, and a desire to create innovative studio technology. Our mission is to empower musicians with high-quality products, while maintaining an affordable and forwardthinking approach.

VSTs should be intuitive, yet allow for complexity and customization. By creating software with an emphasis on versatility, we aim to bring everyone closer to their goals.

Developing from a musician's perspective, we take every step to meet (and exceed) our users’ diverse needs. We view each user as a companion and collaborator in the world of music. To honor this commitment we offer long-term support for each of our products.


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  1. Three-Body Tech Heavier7Strings
    Virtual Metal Guitar
    Special Price $149.00 was $199.00
  2. Three-Body Tech Lost Soul
    Virtual Chinese Xiao Instrument
    Special Price $85.00 was $119.00
  3. Three-Body Tech Modern 31-G
    Three-Body Tech Modern 31-G
    Special Price $21.00 was $29.00
  4. Three-Body Tech OwnTHD
    Adjust the analog feeling of your mix
    Special Price $85.00 was $119.00
  5. Three-Body Tech Phoenix Scream
    Virtual Chinese Suona Instrument
    Special Price $99.00 was $139.00
  6. Three-Body Tech Raindrop & Blade
    Chinese Hammered Dulcimer
    Special Price $85.00 was $119.00
  7. Three-Body Tech Tear Of Land
    Virtual Chinese Xun Instrument
    Special Price $56.00 was $79.00
  8. Three-Body Tech Whisper Of Loong
    Virtual Chinese Dizi Instrument
    Special Price $85.00 was $119.00
  9. Three-Body Tech World in Gourd
    Virtual Chinese Hulusi Instrument
    Special Price $42.00 was $59.00
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9 Items

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