Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) offers a full line of musical instruments and audio/visual products to the U.S. market. YCA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, Japan, and is one of the largest global subsidiary companies.

Yamaha Pro Audio

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  1. Yamaha DBR10
    As low as $389.99
  2. Yamaha EMX
    As low as $699.99
  3. Yamaha EX
    As low as $1,205.99
  4. Yamaha HPH
    As low as $179.99
  5. Yamaha HS
    2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield studio monitor with 5" cone woofer and 1" dome tweeter. (each)
    As low as $199.99
  6. Yamaha Installation Series
    Installation Series Dual 15" Subwoofer
    As low as $2,001.00
  7. Yamaha MG
    6-input stereo mixer • SPX effects • 2 mic inputs, 2 stereo inputs
    As low as $119.99
  8. Yamaha MGP
    As low as $1,059.00
  9. Yamaha MTX
    MTX Series matrix processors
    As low as $1,566.99
  10. Yamaha PSL
    Power Supply Link Cable
    As low as $682.00
  11. Yamaha RIO
    Rio3224-D2 I/O Rack
    As low as $5,499.00
  12. Yamaha SS30
    3.3 (1 meter) Cascade cable for digital mixers
    As low as $260.00
  13. Yamaha SWP1
    SWP1-8MMF L2 Switch
    As low as $1,299.00
  14. Yamaha SWP2
    SWP2-10MMF L2 Switch
    As low as $2,629.00
  15. Yamaha TF1
    Compact, portable, and even rack mountable, the TF1 offers impressive capability and versatility for smaller systems.
    As low as $1,999.99
  16. Yamaha TF3
    Ample input capacity and hands-on control in a compact console that can handle a wide range of applications.
    As low as $66.00
  17. Yamaha TF5
    High input capacity and fader count makes this powerful console ideal for larger applications.
    As low as $70.00
  18. Yamaha VXC5F
    As low as $440.98
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18 Items

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