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Video Transport

Low latency video streaming solution to transmit live video

feeds of SDI & NDI over the public Internet with up to real-time latency.

Your day-to-day tool

for remote production & remote video contribution

Video production with remote contributors

Allow hosts, news anchors and invited guests contribute to a production from home or from remote studios.

Virtual conference production

Professionally produce online board meetings, corporate events, conferences and panel discussions.

Real-time video feed delivery

Browser-based SDI & NDI streaming of video feeds from remote locations for monitoring or instant commentary (on any platform or device).

A dedicated contribution app for anchors

An easy-to-use media transport solution for"at-home" contributors with permanent setups.Supports BlackmagicDesign, AJA, and NDI.


Cloud-based control panel

A web-based control panel for managing video transmission between multiple Video Transport end points.

Built on top of SRT

               ICE-based NAT traversal

               Dynamic FEC and ARQ

               Multichannel audio

               H.265/HEV Cencoding (on Nvidia)

               Alpha channel support

               For NDI& SDI workflows

               PTZ control over NDI

               Screen sharing


Configurable latency

Depending on task and conditions, choose between real-time latency, delivery quality or precise timing.

Real-time latency

As low as 100 msec. Sensitive to network conditions. Use when your goal is more to react to the feed than to deliver it for production.

Predictable reliability

More latency gives more room for error correction and leads to stable video quality. Use when quality is more important than latency.

Fixed latency

If fixed to a specific value, latency control allows for multiple feeds to arrive at the same time—such as in musical productions.