Metric Halo Precision DeEsser

Precision DeEsser AAX, AU & VST
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Metric Halo
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MH Precision DeEsser

A Surgical Strike On Stubborn Sibilance

Precision DeEsser is a plug-in that allows you to manipulate your tracks and remove excessive high frequency content. It combines the high precision filter technology and dynamics processing of ChannelStrip with the metering and analysis of SpectraFoo to allow you to zero in on offending frequencies and correct them quickly and efficiently.


Precision DeEsser features comprehensive listening controls to allow you to hear exactly what is (or isn't) being removed; you may choose five different points in the processing chain to monitor. As with all Metric Halo plug-ins, parameters are fully automatable to give you full control of the processing during mixdown.


The Precision DeEsser is an essential tool for vocal tracks, but can also be used for sound design and other audio processing.


Producer and Composer Andy Price notes that “Precision DeEsser is the only DeEsser that I’ll use now. It gives all of my vocals a noticeably warmer output, which is something that I’ve never considered or experienced with any other DeEsser. I sometimes even throw it on the master bus together with ChannelStrip 3 to clear out anything edgy or grating. ChannelStrip 3 comes first with an overall high-end boost, followed by Precision DeEsser to give a crisp, but warm, sound to the overall mix.”


Mix Engineer Billy Decker says, “I use Metric Halo’s Precision DeEsser plug-in to do the de-essing; actually, I use two instances. One for traditional de-essing and the second for what I call 'de-honking.' Using so much compression brings a lot of junk to the surface, including the nasty nasal sound that pretty much every voice has between 1.5kHz and 2kHz. By setting the second Precision DeEsser to that frequency, everything smooths out and sounds much nicer. I've used a lot of de-esser plug-ins, but I find that Metric Halo’s version is noticeably smoother and more transparent. Where other plug-ins can sound grainy and degrade the signal, Precision DeEsser is colorless and pleasant.”


Key Features

High precision linear-phase filter block with:

Center, Bandwidth and Sharpness controls

Ess-Compressor with:

Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release controls

Comprehensive Listening Control

SpectraFoo™ spectrum analysis, with selectable displays

Scalable gain reduction meter

Adjustable UI size

MH Preset Manager - Provides cross-platform presets


Is MH Precision DeEsser for you?


Rely on the best sound quality available with Metric Halo’s award-winning DSP.

Tame those stubborn sibilant sounds.

Manage high-end dynamics for overheads and guitars.

Use the listen modes for special linear phase EQ effects.

Get quick results with the many provided Metric Halo presets.

Get inspired!

Vocal Artists

Tune Precision DeEsser to your specific vocal character and never worry about sibilance again.

Tame sibilance without affecting the timbre of your voice.

Sound Designers

Remove or isolate a specific frequency band.

Precisely adjust dynamics in a specific band.

Generate extremely steep linear-phase filtering.

Tech Specs

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer. Intel Processor. AU, VST, or AAX(Pro Tools 10, 11 & 12 DSP & Native) host. 32 & 64 bit.

Windows 7 or newer. Intel Processor. VST or AAX (Pro Tools10, 11 & 12 DSP & Native) host. 32 & 64 bit.

Licensing Requirements account.

iLok dongle is optional you may install the license oniLok for portability.

Only one license required works on all supportedplatforms.

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