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What if you didnt have to buy an interactive whiteboard to get an interactive whiteboard?
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MimioTeach Interactive Stylus

The MimioTeach interactive system transforms any dry erase board into a fully interactive whiteboard. The patented infrared and ultrasound sensor technology fits neatly into a small, unobtrusive bar that attaches easily to a board. Combine it with a projector and computer, and it becomes a fully interactive system. Lightweight yet durable, the MimioTeach system is easy to handle and transport.


·        Whiteboard stylus

·        for MimioTeach

  • Software
    • MimioStudio 7 for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Computer interface
    • USB (USB 2.0 compliant).
    • USB Cablemicro-Bin USB connector.
    • MimioHub will connect via USB to the PC.
  • Data transfer rateUsB
    • Full-speed USB (12 Mbps).
  • Power consumption
    • Connected to computer via USB0.5 W.
    • Stand-alone with AC Adapter 110 V0.75 W.
    • Stand-alone with AC Adapter 220 V0.9 W.
  • Mimioteach Bar dimensions
    • 375.4 mm H x 68 mm W x 38 mm D (14.8 in. H x 2.7 in. W x 1.5 in. D)
  • Weight
    • Bar: 305 g (10.75 oz)
    • Stylus: 30 g (1 oz)
    • Bar and Stylus: 335 g (11.82 oz)
  • Whiteboard active area (per device)
    • Interactive mode with projector supports 2 m x 2.4 m (6.6 ft x 7.9 ft.), up to 3 m (10 ft.) standard aspect ratio diagonal projection display, and 2.9 m (9.4 ft.) diagonal in wide screen mode.
  • MimioTeach
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