MimioVote 32

MimioVote 32
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Your teachers are doing what they’re supposed to do – teach. Now they want to know if the students are learning. They can get instantaneous feedback, or easily pre-test and post-test to monitor progress. And while the teachers are getting the answers they need, the students get to have some fun. With the MimioVote™ assessment, the results are immediate and the feedback has value. Teachers know who is learning and who needs help. And when students don’t have to think about how to use the device, they can concentrate on answering the questions. The intuitive design provides instantaneous teacher-led or selfpaced evaluation, without the hassle typically found with ordinary assessment systems. Teachers get accurate, real-time results and eliminate the extra workload of manual test correction. And they can download results into spreadsheets and lesson plans to easily track learning.

• Quick-poll during a lesson, to see who’s getting it and who needs some help.

• Reduces student confusion by illuminating only the answer buttons needed for each test.

• Ergonomic design allows onehand or two-hand operation of the handsets − or place them flat on the desks.

• Excellent testing options for all grades.

• Easily import standard tests and publisher’s content.

• Compatible with MimioStudio™ templates and Microsoft PowerPoint.

• Automatic recharging means tech directors don’t have the hassle of battery replacement.

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