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Filters 5 Ultimate

Shape the mood of your video with 27 color-enhancing filtersand effects that let you easily recreate the classic look of film with colorand grain, add organic light leaks and achieve an array of distinctive looks.


Explore Our Complete Collection of Video Filters

Quickly elevate your productions with 27 filters and videoeffects, featuring over 250 easy-to-use presets that quickly correct, enhanceand add dimension to your footage.


ColorFast 2

Correct primary and secondary colors, tweak white balance,apply color masks and more.

Correct Primary Colors

Quickly fix your footage with key adjustments forexposure/brightness, saturation, and color balance.


Adjust Secondary Colors

Apply a wider range of luminance values to your project withhighs, mids, and shadows region control.


Use Presets

Quickly dial in a specific look with 65 expertly designedpresets.


Tweak White Balance

Get true white balance even if you don’t have white in yourimage.

Shield Colors

Apply a color mask to easily shield skin tones and specificcolors from secondary corrections.


Apply 4 Point Shape Masks

Isolate regions of your footage with versatile andkeyframeable shape masks. Easily control the opacity of your masks to get theperfect balance.


Close-Up Color View

Inspect your color levels with Vector, RGB Parade, Waveform,and Histogram region scopes in real time.


Replace colors, apply gradient tints, adjust saturation, addhue to specific regions and transform colors in multiple ways.

Color Replace

Change the color of different objects without harshening theraw details.


Saturation Modifier

Separate your image into saturated regions to correct eacharea.


Selective Tint

Define certain regions, then adjust and change their tint.

Gradient Tint

Intensify the colors of your picture with a variety offilters.


Selective Color

Focus on one color in an image, then make everything elseblack and white.



Adjust the color balance and completely transform yourvideo.

Saturation EQ

Separate the color spectrum to choose colors you want toenhance.


Selective Hue

Shift the color hue of a specific part of your picture.


A preset-based workflow to create classic film or TV seriesstyles in seconds.


Create retro and metallic-looking images with 2 chrome-likecolors.


Film Grain

Add film grain for an authentic, classic look. Control size,strength and more.


Bleach Bypass

Transform your digital video into an antique film.

Day for Night

Make your daytime footage look like it was filmed at night.


Film Color

Modify color and adjust lighting to recreate the classiclook of film.


Old TV

Manipulate your footage to recreate the look of classic tubetelevisions.


Add a soft glow to your footage to change the color andfocus of your image.


Film Color 2

Modify the color characteristics and lighting to reproduce aparticular film look with updated controls and film grain.



Use preset vignettes to creatively frame your video.


Control the perspective, draw attention and master yourframe rate. Create depth of field, sharpen or bring focus to specific area andmanipulate your footage in many other ways.


Experiment with the colors of your image and dramatize yourpicture.


Frame Rate

Convert live footage into a dynamic sequence of photos.


Tilt Shift

Create depth of field in your video to spotlight aparticular region.

Dream Glow

Apply a dreamy glow with a color cast to create a deepatmosphere.


Soft Focus

Blur regions of video to smooth harsh lightning, lines, orblemishes.


Light Leak

Create and control your own light leaks for just the rightlook.

Fish Eye

Distort images to simulate the look of an ultra-widefishbowl lens.



Overlay a specific region onto a preset backdrop tospotlight it.

What's Included

Filters 5 Ultimate includes our entire suite of Filtersproducts, including ColorFast 2, and the Filters Recreate, Recolor and Refocusplugin collections.

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