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NewBlue Transitions 5 Glow delivers a comprehensive set of 14 dazzling transitions that help you Separate RGB channels between shots, generate light rings and buttery bokeh transitions in your edits.
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Create colorful and artistic scene-to-scene cuts.

Cartoonr Plus

Transform scene transitions into animated illustrations.



Convert the video image into a line drawing and morph itinto the second clip.


Color Melt

Morph between two clips by expanding and softening thecolors.


Color Wash

Wipe from one scene to the next by painting a band of colorsthat wash through the intensity gradient.


Colored Pencil

Simulate a drawing at the end of one scene that morphs intothe next.


Break the video image into small paint strokes and morphbetween the two clips.



Turn the first clip into hammered metal and morph it intothe second clip.



Turn the image into a grid of painted tiles that rebuildinto the new scene.



Give scene transitions the vivid color and fluid texture ofan oil painting.


Paper Collage

Blend between two clips as you build the video image fromlayers of colored paper.

Pencil Rubbing

Transition between two clips with the looks of rubbingcolored pencils over the image.



Paint the image with a reduced color palette while wipingbetween two clips.



Draw lines and edges artfully to blend scenes together.



Intensify colors while morphing from one scene to the next.


Water Color

Soften colors and blur edges of objects in your video tomorph two scenes.

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