Osprey Fiber Extender 3GSFE (3G SDI Kit)

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Osprey 3GSFE (3G SDI Fiber Extender Kit)
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The Osprey 3GSFE 3G-SDI Fiber Extender Kit is designed to transport 3G-SDI signals over extended distances using fiber optic cable. This can be used to transport signals up to 12 miles. The kit consists of a USB-powered transmitter and receiver with 3G-SDI and LC single-mode inputs and outputs.

Use this set to extend 3G-SDI signals over fiber optic cable

Supports a range of up to 12 miles

3G-SDI and LC single-mode inputs and outputs

Technical Specifications

3G-SDI Level A/ B

Optical Wavelength: 1490nm

Optical Transmit Power: -6 ~ 0dBm

Receiver Sensitivity: -22dBm

Optical Compliance: SMPTE 297M 2006

20km Range at 3G (1080P60)

SDI Compliance: SMPTE 259M, 292M, 424M,

296M, 274M, 425M,ITU-R BT.656 / BT.601

Supports 16 Audio Channels

Color Space YUV, RGB




3G-SDI In: 1 xBNC

3G-SDI Loop-Out: 1 x BNC

Fiber Out: 1 x LC



Fiber In: 1 x LC

3G-SDI Out: 2 x BNC

Osprey 3GSFE3G-SDI Fiber Extender Kit



Limited 2-Year Warranty

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