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System 20AL1HD 100mm AGILE 20 + 100CF1HD w/CONTENDER and deep-tread rubber feet + Softcase 100HD1
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Delivers 150mm-class performance for EFP & OB applications.




(16) increments of adjustable & repeatable counterbalance for fast set-up typical of ENG/EFP-type use. CNC-machined selector-dial mechanism facilitates crisp, repeatable increment-selection.


AGILE 20/20S enables the operator to quickly alternate between multiple camcorder-configurations of payloads between 4-28kg (8.8-61.6lbs).


Fluid drag




AGILE 20/20S features a 9/9 + 0 fluid drag mechanism, which is incrementally adjustable and repeatable.  The smooth, uniform fluid drag neither deviates nor deteriorates over time and usage.



The tremendous amount of fluid drag available at higher increments enables an experienced operator to acquire full-zoom pan/tilt-intensive images that are indistinguishable from those acquired in-close.



Camera Mounting Interface




AGILE 20/20S offers the choice of two industry-standard camera mounting interfaces enable seamless integration with nearly any brand of camera support already in use.



AGILE 20 with E-Z LOAD, compatible with the spring-loaded, capture-type camera mounting interface, facilitates fast set-up conducive to 'shoot & scoot' ENG-type use.



AGILE 20S with S-LOC delivers greater front-to-rear balance adjustment-range to accommodate exceptionally front-heavy or back-heavy payloads.


Ergonomics and compatibility




Experienced operators will appreciate:




-- the familiar ergonomics of incremental pan/tilt fluid drag & counterbalance controls,


-- distinguishable 90 degree-opposed pan & tilt brakes,


-- replaceable pan bar rosettes for longer fluid head usability,


-- an illuminated bubble-level and spare camera plate screws,


-- and many other use-friendly features.




They' re all located where experienced operators expect, and operate likewise, precluding need to re-train 'muscle-memory'.

S-LOC delivers greater front-to-rear balance adjustment-range to accommodate exceptionally front-heavy or back-heavy payloads.

Weight                                                              5.98KG (13.1lbs )

Counterbalanced Payload                            4-28kg (8.8-61.6 lbs)

Counterbalance Increments                         16

Pan/tilt Fluid Drag Increments                     9/9+0

Tilt Range                                                         +90/-80

Mounting Base                                                100 mm

Operating Temperature                                -40/+60 C

Bubble Level                                                    Illuninated

Pan bar                                                             (2) telescopic pan bar included

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