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Innovative, powerful, yet simple

Right after start-up, the large colour touch screen of the Portacapture X8 shows the Launcher which lets you easily select the best audio settings that match your application. Taking advantage of these presets, you have more time to focus on the actual recording without having to struggle with complicated settings.


Should you, however, prefer to set everything yourself, the MANUAL app offers you all the possibilities to do so – including a Recording Guide that leads you through the required settings screens, if you like.

Six different recording apps to choose from

               MANUAL             This is the main app for multi-track recording of up to six audio sources and a stereo mix (2-mix).

               VOICE    This recording app is ideal for capturing interviews, dictation and meetings.

               PODCAST             Use this for podcast creation with up to four people.

               MUSIC   Choose this app for capturing instrumental and vocal performances.

               FIELD     Ideal for recording nature sounds outdoors.

               ASMR    The screen visual effect changes in response to the input sound.

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