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Ultimate Live Sound School (Ed 2)
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Fix Your Live Sound Forever

Discover how to get Consistent, Excellent Live Sound from a Veteran Audio Engineer David Wills (Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Chicago, Diana Ross)

Why is it so difficult to get Consistent, Excellent Sound at your Live Venue or Church?

Hi...I’m David Wills, a professional audio engineer and teacher and also the founder of ProAudioEXP.




Over the years I’ve trained thousands of students around the world, and I guarantee that the problems they were facing with their sound systems are just like the ones you’re probably struggling with.  Perhaps you are in charge of live sound for your band.  You might be a budding live sound engineer.  Maybe you run the sound at a local church.




People’s expectations have changed.  We expect the sound that we produce in a local venue or church to sound like what we hear at a professional concert.




But how do you get those kind of results?  I've seen students trying to piece together information from outdated training books, scouring the internet and social media for answers on how to fix even the most basic sound problems.




Here's why you are struggling to get the right answers:




There are millions of Youtube channel creators.  Millions of opinions.  Most are amateurs and the information is conflicting and very confusing.




Mastering live sound is why you're here today.




Keep reading and I'll share with you how you can access world class training from a professional, on demand, 24/7.

After helping thousands of students, we've discovered they all struggle the same stubborn problems

When I look back over the last decade, I think about all the thousands of  people who I've been able to help. They weren't any different from you..when they found this training...they were frustrated by exactly the same problems.


How to banish feedback forever

How to get a professional mix with no harshness

How to fix their hums, buzzes and other gremlins

How to fix problems and troubleshoot like a pro

How to get consistent excellence week after week


Introducing the Ultimate Live Sound School

(2nd Edition)

The Ultimate Live Sound School first launched in 2010 and today it’s in its 2nd edition.  It's recently been completely reshot and there have been many great updates to the training - including new HD videos on wireless mixing as well as a super helpful information on streaming to Facebook and other online service.




I’m positive that this training will be the best and last resource you will need to fix your sound problems...forever.




At the bottom of this page there's dozens of customer reviews from the Ultimate Live Sound School.  I encourage you to read as many as you can to get a feel for what the course really is all about, and how real students feel about the training.


New equipment is not the solution's the proper training that you've been missing

I know‚Ķit’s tempting to keep adding more pieces of equipment to the list.  Maybe newer, fancy gear will magically fix those nagging issues?  No.  It won’t.


The Challenge with Learning Online

Whether you're new to live sound... or if you have been teaching yourself over the years... you probably feel overwhelmed by how much information is at your fingertips. Do you subscribe to more Youtube channels?.. join more FB groups.. or spend time in user forums trying to pick out the pieces of information that will actually make a difference..




There are days when you feel like you’re getting ahead... and then there are the days when you just throw your hands up and wonder how to make sense of it all...




You wonder....


Am I following the best available training?

Do I really know the best, current sound practices that the professionals use?


Leveraging Experience

The Ultimate Live Sound School is a complete Video Course with 9 Modules which take you from a complete newbie to a Live Sound Expert.




Leveraging the experience of Instructor David Wills' professional experience working on huge world tours such as Phil Collins, Chicago, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston and Earth, Wind and Fire...and his experience mixing thousands of live events in huge mega churches and small local ones, this is your one stop ticket to solving your church sound problems forever.




We've helped thousands of students...


Fix their feedback

Fix harsh or muddy mixes

Solve their nagging hum and buzz issues

Optimize their sound systems

Improve their speech intelligibility

Master their Mixing Consoles

Control their stage volume

Decode all the confusing tech terms

Streamline their sound checks

Eliminate wireless system problems



It's interesting to note that churches run more live events every weekend than almost any other type of venue.  It's also interesting to note that they are almost always run by kind-hearted, but under-qualified volunteers.




But life happens. Volunteers burn out. They have family priorities and you find yourself circling back, once again, trying to train the new faces that show up eager to help but lacking in experience.




The Ultimate Live Sound School is the perfect solution to train your group of volunteers so that you can get consistent, excellent sound week after week at your church.




A single one-time purchase will train all your current volunteers, plus any new ones that sign up in the future.  The Ultimate Live Sound School fixes your volunteer training problems forever.