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Masterclass-Getting Killer Vocals

If you've been looking to the absolutely BEST training on the planet for Producing, Arranging and Recording Killer've found it! Over 4 hours of Premium Training.


While there are many production tools that give you "plug and play" radio-quality sounds to your mixes, getting Killer Vocals is one of the last elements of your mix that can't be cured by just using the "right microphone" or latest plugin.  David Wills takes you step by step through the industry best practices that are used in all major studios.  Look through all the subjects covered from caring for and warming up your voice, to arrangement, editing and mixing to get the kinds of vocals that you deserve but have not been able to get.


Don't buy another microphone or preamp thinking that will fix your problems...get the training you need to get the vocal sounds of your dreams.





Physiology of your Voice

Proper Breathing Technique

Chest vs Belly Breathing


Warming Up Exercises



Core Warmup

Neck and Shoulders Warmup

Mouth and Tongue Warmup

Lip Trills

Tongue Trills

Breathing Warmup

1-3-5 Sirens

1-3-5-Octave Sirens

The Big Three Enemies



Benefits of Vocal Arrangements

Types of Vocal Parts

Harmony 101

Using a Keyboard for Chord Shapes

Becoming a Student of Harmony



Microphone Recommendations

Phantom Power

Addressing your Microphone

Mounting your Microphone

Proximity Effect

Handling Plosives

Using Pop Filters

Setting Levels

Preparing for Tracking Vocals

Auditioning our Backing Tracks

Tracking your Lead Vocal

Punching In

Comping Vocals

Editing Comps

Doubling Vocals

Performance Tricks

Doubling Example

Double Levels

Harmony Example 1 - "Echo parts"

Importance of Preset Tracks

Basic mix of 3 part Harmonies

Plate Reverb on Harmonies

Cleaning up Edit Points

Harmony Example 2 - "Call and Response"

Harmony Example 3 - "Pad or Wash"

Confidence in Falsettos Parts

"Flying" Vocals

Harmony Example 4 - "Call and Response 2"

"Flying" Vocals example 2

Bridge Vocals



Editing Lead vs. Backing Vocals

Cleaning up Timeline

Color Coding Tracks

Time Correcting Doubled Vocals

Correcting Hard Consonants

Correcting Time Slices

Pitch Correction Overview

Correction Speed

Formant Control

Time Correcting Bridge Harmonies

Sliding Releases

Pitch Editing our Lead Vocal

Chopping Parts

0Working with Drift

Working with Transition Time

Working with Glissando Parts



Backing Tracks Mix

Rhythm Section Mix

Lead Vocal vs Double balance

Lead Vocal vs Harmonies balance

Compress before EQ

Compressing the Lead Vocal

Creating a Crush Channel

Creating a Backing Vocal Crush Buss

Cleaning up Backing Vocals with Noise Gates

EQ Overview "Corrective vs Creative"

EQing our Lead Vocal

Using a HPF

Adding "Air" to Lead Vocal

Removing "Boxiness" from Lead Vocal

Adding "Intelligibility" to Lead Vocal

Creating EQ Presets

Adding Time Based Effects

Early Reflections vs Tail

Delays with Feedback

Adding a "Radio Effect" Echo

Completing the Final Mix






Andrew Scheps - Grammy Award winning Mix Engineer with Adele