USB 2.0 Audio Interfaces

ADK offers a wide selection of the best performing USB 2.0 audio interface for your MAC or PC audio workstation computer?

USB 2.0 audio interface can offer up to 32 channels of low latency I/O at a reasonable cost along with broad cross platform support. It is a great option for smaller studios, mobile studios, live performance and live recording on a very wide range of computer hardware. Some audio interface will even work as multi-channel audio interfaces for an Apple IPAD.

We carry all the top performing USB 2.0 audio interface brands including RME, Steinberg, Presonus, Focusrite, MOTU plus many more.

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  1. Antelope Audio Discrete 8
    Audio Discrete 8
  2. Antelope Audio Discrete 8 + Edge & Verge Microphones Bundle
    Audio Discrete 8 + Edge & Verge Microphones Bundle
  3. Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy Core
    16x26 Professional TB 3 & USB 2 ADAT/SPDIF & FPGA.
  4. Antelope Audio Orion32+ Gen 3
    Connects seamlessly with any DAW on PC or MAC. Orion32+ | Gen 3 features low-latency recording & playback of up to 64 simultaneous 24/192 audio channels via Thunderbolt™ and up to 32 channels over USB
  5. Antelope Audio Zen Tour
    Portable Table top Thunderbolt/USB2.0 Audio Interface with 4x Mic/line/Hi-Z inputs , Realtime FX,
  6. Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core
    Thunderbolt 3 USB 2 Audio interface with 14 x 18 Analog and Digital I/O and 4x DSP + 2x FPGA Synergy Core FX Processing.
  7. Apogee Duet
    2 In x 4 Out USB Audio Interface with Waves $100 Voucher
  8. Apogee MiC 96k
    Professional Microphone for GarageBand on iPad, iPhone and Mac
  9. Apogee One
    2 IN x 2 OUT USB Audio Interface/Microphone
  10. Apogee Quartet
    12 In x 8 Out USB Audio Interface & Studio Control Center
  11. Audient ID14
    2 channel USB2 Interface and Monitoring System
  12. Audient ID22
    2 channel USB2 Interface and Monitoring System
  13. Audient ID4
    1 channel USB2 Interface and Monitoring System PC/MAC
  14. AudioBox iTwo Studio Recording Bundle
  15. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen)
    USB 2.0 Audio Interface, 2-in/2-out, with 2 Mic/Instrument Preamplifiers, 24-bit/96kHz, USB Bus Power, and Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite
  16. iTrack Solo - Lightning
    2-in/2-out iOS/USB 2.0 Audio Interface with Lightning Connector, 1 Mic Input, 1 hi-Z Input, Direct Monitoring, and Monitor Volume Control - iOS/Mac/PC
  17. Keith McMillen Instruments - K-Mix Performance Mixer
    8-in/10-out audio interface, programmable mixer, and control surface.2x Ultra-Low Noise μPre Preamps on board DSP, USB Bus Powered MAC/PC
  18. LT-USB
    The LT-USB is an LSlot interface for the Aurora 8 and Aurora 16 A/D D/A converters that provides digital input and output to desktop and portable computers using USB 2.0 ports. Both Mac and Windows computers are supported.
    MSRP: $395.00
    You Save: $35.00 (9%)
  19. Lynx Aurora(n) 16
    Representing an complete redesign of the Aurora line, the Aurora(n) achieves significant performance and feature improvements
    As low as $3,599.00
  20. Lynx Hilo USB
    Hilo - Reengineering the Two Channel Converter. NOW SHIPPING! Authorized Hilo Retailer Full Warranty!
    As low as $2,295.00
  21. MOTU 112D
    Thunderboltâ„¢/USB2/AVB Ethernet audio interface with 112 channels of digital I/O and MADI
  22. MOTU 16A
    32x32 I/O with 16x16 TRS analog, 48-ch mixin. Thunderboltâ„¢/AVB Ethernet/USB audio interface with DSP
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